[TOYOTA HARRIER] What are the differences between the new and the old model of Harrier?

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In this article, we will introduce the differences between the exterior of the new model of Harrier, which was newly launched in Japan in June 2020 and the old model!

Mainly this time we will introduce the following exterior parts!


  1. Body size
  2. Platform
  3. Front mask
  4. Emblem
  5. Side mirror
  6. Rear
  7. Tail lamp・stop light

Some of the new Harrier’s exterior designs have been redesigned, and many designs have been inherited from the predecessor, the 3rd generation of Harrier.

Until the 3rd generation Harrier, the design was based on a design-conscious SUV instead of a square-based styling SUV that emphasized practicality.

The characteristic of the new Harrier was that it was deeply influenced by a form like a Coupe SUV.

The entire exterior of the new Harrier features a sleek coupe form that has a simple elegance with robustness.

From here, we will introduce the changes in the exterior of the new Harrier, which has evolved into a more elegant and sleek design compared to the third generation.



A picture of the new Harrier

1.Body size

The body size of the 3rd Harrier had total length of 4720 mm ×total width of 1835 mm × total height of 1690 mm, but the new 4th generation Harrier has total length of 4740 mm× total width of 1855 mm × total height of 1660 mm.

Compared to the third-generation Harrier, the overall length and width have increased by 20 mm, while the overall height has decreased by 30 mm. The body size of new Harrier is similar to that of the second-generation Harrier.

The car width became 20 mm wider and has a distinctive characteristic of left and right overhang. Compared to the third generation, it has a low center of gravity.

The wheelbase was 2660 mm for the third generation, but the new Harrier has 2690 mm which is 30 mm longer.

A picture of the third-generation Harrier


Here’s a picture of the new Harrier for comparison




GA-K platform is equipped to the new Harrier.

The platform of Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) can accommodate side-size FF power trains and is also used by RAV4, Camry, Lexus ES, and others.

The size of the wheelbase of the new Harrier is the same as the RAV4, which is 2690 mm, so it can be assumed that both have the same basic mechanism.


3.Front mask

Compared to the third generation, the new Harrier’s side windows have a lower ceiling height, and the backward tilting roof has the impression that D pillars and tail windows have a gentler slope when viewed from the side.

The continuous design that flows from the front grille to the headlamp has been inherited from the third-generation design.

By narrowing the width of the headlamps, the front view has a significant sharper impression.

The L-shaped double daytime running lamp is a significant characteristic, and it has a compact yet powerful design.

A picture of the third generation Harrier



Here’s a picture of the new Harrier for comparison




Up to the 3rd generation, the front grill used an emblem with the motif of an Eastern marsh harrier (family Accipitridae), but it has been changed to the Toyota emblem from the new Harrier.

A picture of the Harrier emblem of the old models


A picture of the Harrier emblem of the new models



5.Side mirror

Side mirrors were attached to A-pillar in the third-generation, but the new Harrier uses door side mirrors.

This eliminates the blind spots that are created at the connecting part between the side mirror and the pillar.

The old model of Harrier


The new model of Harrier

harrier review summary


Since it has a 20 mm wider car width, the wheelhouse has a prominent overhanging in left and right, resulting in a sportier design with a low center of gravity compared to the third-generation model.

The inside of the cabin is narrowed toward the rear, and the overhang of the shoulder part is remarkable.

7.Tail lamp・stop light

The design of the tail lamp is horizontally linearly set that has been passed down from the third generation. It has a sharper impression due to the thinner and more horizontal design.

In addition, the stop lamp in the upper rear was extended to the left and right. The length became twice as long as the previous model, and horizontal features are emphasized in the design.

From the third generation, not only the tail lamp design but also the cabin narrowed from the side to the rear while narrowing the height and width of the side glass were inherited.

The sleek and elegant coupe form is further refined, the dynamic three-dimensional effect was adapted to create a strong dynamic feeling.

The old model of Harrier



Here’s a picture of the new Harrier for comparison


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