[TOYOTA HARRIER 2020] How to buy all Toyota Harrier 2020 models at low prices

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We will explain in detail the features of Toyota Harrier, from the latest Toyota Harrier models to used cars.

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Introduction of Toyota Harrier 2020

Toyota Harrier 2020 model released in Japan on June 17, 2020.

This time we will explain in detail the features of Toyota Harrier on this page.

First of all, please see the design, exterior, interior, equipment, and specifications of the Toyota Harrier 2020 model.

The exterior of Toyota Harrier 2020

The current Toyota Harrier 2020 model has a different design than the previous Toyota Harrier.

First, please take a look at the entire car.

The front part of the current Toyota Harrier 2020 model is different from the previous Toyota Harrier 2019.

The biggest change is that the Toyota Harrier 2020 model has a Toyota emblem whereas the previous models had a Harrier emblem.

With this change, the current model has a strong image of being a Toyota car.

The next point is the front bumper part. There is a hole of air evacuation. The wind comes out to the wheel house inner.

Please take a look at the rear part. This area changed drastically.

All previous Harrier has the stop lamps and blinkers on the bumper.

In this model, the blinkers are designed to be attached under the rear bumper.

When the blinkers are turned on, it looks like this.



If you take a close look, it has a back lamp at the side of rear blinkers.

The muffler is not the one that finisher integrated with an actual muffler.

It doesn’t look very fashionable, but it has the same manufacturing as RAV4. This part needs to be totally integrated.

Next, we will introduce the interior that is used in all models.

The interior of Toyota Harrier 2020

There are S, G, and Z grades in the Toyota Harrier 2020 model.

The interior of the Toyota Harrier 2020 S grade


Synthetic leather and fabric are used in the interior of the Toyota Harrier 2020 model.

The meter seen from the driver’s seat looks as shown below. The S grade meter has a 4.2-inch multi-information display in the middle.

The rear view mirror is a digital inner mirror.


Moreover, it has a device to record the front and inside of the car as standard, and it can be used as a substitute for the dash cam.

There is an 8-inch monitor in the front part as standard equipment. It can also be used as Toyota Genuine Car Navigation.

The air conditioner can be adjusted by a dial.

Next, please take a look at the shift lever.


The shift lever is covered with shift boot like this. This is something that the previous generation did not have.

If you look closely, the Engine Starter Button is located on the shift lever. There are also Electric park brakes and Brake Hold button around the shift lever.

The Electric park brakes are a little hard to push, but they are standard equipment in this grade. Of course, it is set in G and Z as standard equipment.

Pressing the Brake Hold button is convenient because the brake will be applied even if you release your foot from the brake pedal.

There are also two cup holders on the shift lever side. This is also standard equipment on all models.

It comes with a tray that can be removed by opening the console box.

Next, please take a look at the rear passenger seats for S grade.


As you can see from the picture below, synthetic leather + fabric is used as standard seating material.

All cars have an air conditioner blowing port in the center of the rear seat.

Also, there are two USB connectors, and they are capable of charging up to 2A.

By the way, the front seat has a USB connector at the back of the shift lever, and it is difficult to insert USB.

The center of the back seat can be folded down and has two cup holders.


In addition, the ceiling has an interior light that can be installed by hand.

Next, open the luggage space. The S grade is a type that can be opened by hand. As we will explain later, G and Z grades have a door to be opened and closed by an electric motor. The Z grade also has a hands-free function.

The luggage space can be loaded with plenty of luggage.

Also, since the ceiling is low, it is difficult to load tall luggage.

Next, there is another space under the luggage space.

Beneath the tray, there are puncture repairing kit and jacks.

There is also a type that has a spare tire.

There is also an accessory socket next to the luggage space.

The specification of the accessory socket is as below.

Gasoline cars 100v-100w

Hybrid cars 100v-1500w

A tonneau cover can be attached to the luggage space on all cars as an option.

Next, let’s take a look at the luxury model of G and Z.

The interior of Toyota Harrier 2020 G and Z

The interior of Toyota Harrier G and Z models are almost the same as the S grade, but the seat material, the meter part of the driver’s seat, the Head-Up Display, the size of the monitor, the premium surround system, and the luggage space are different.

We will introduce differences between each model.

About the seat of G and Z

For the seats of the Toyota Harrier G and Z model, in addition to the same synthetic leather and fabric as the S grade, genuine leather (the leather package) is also available.



Available in three colors: black, gray and, blown.

As you can see, the new Toyota Harrier 2020 grade G and Z have a high-class interior like Lexus RX.

About the equipment of the driver’s seat

The meters in the driver’s seat of the grade G and Z have a 7-inch multi-information display.

In addition, only grade Z has a head-up display as standard equipment, so those who need a head-up should buy grade Z.

Next, let’s look at the center console.

The center console of G and Z

The center console of G and Z has a large 12.3-inch LCD panel as standard equipment.


Also, as the option of Grade G, the JBL premium sound system can be installed which is a standard feature on Grade Z.


These are options for Grade G, but they also cost about 36,240USD~, so it may be a better deal to buy Z from the beginning.

The luggage space of G and Z

The door for the luggage space of G and Z is the power back door. You have only to push the button to open the door.

Grade Z also has a Handsfree function.

When closing the luggage space door, if you press the part in the photo below, it will automatically close the door.

As you can see, G and the highest class Z have many functions like Lexus RX.

Next, please take a look at the engine performance and fuel consumption of each model.

Engines installed in Toyota Harrier 2020

Toyota Harrier 2020 model has two engines, a gasoline engine and a hybrid.

The engine performance of each is as follows.


Gasoline engineM20A-FKS
Arrangement of cylindersIn-line 4 cylinder
Maximum output126kW(171PS)/6600rpm
Maximum torque207Nm(21.1kgf・m)/4800rpm
Use-able fuelRegular unleaded


Hybrid engineA25A-FXS
Arrangement of cylindersDOHC In-line 4-cylinder
Bore and stroke87.5mm×103.4mm
Compression ratio
Maximum output178ps(131kW)/5700rpm
Maximum torque221Nm/3600-5200rpm
Use-able fuelRegular
Fuel capacity55ℓ

The fuel economy of each engine type is as follows.


EngineDrive typeFuel consumption

Both are dependable values that have fuel efficiency close to the measured values such as the WLTC mode.

For this Toyota Harrier 2020 model, both gasoline and hybrid engines are available in all grades, and 2WD and 4WD are also available in all grades and engines.

Toyota Harrier 2020 gasoline model

As with the hybrid model, the gasoline model uses the same 2.0L dynamic force engine as RAV4.

The 2.0L turbo model used in the previous model of the new Harrier has been discontinued in this model.

Toyota Harrier 2020 Hybrid model

This new Harrier has the same hybrid engine as RAV4 and the combination of A25A-FXS type 2.5L with the direct-injection of four natural aspirations and the motor that achieved a maximum thermal efficiency of 41%.

This engine is the same type engine used in Toyota Camry and Lexus ES, but the new Harrier uses a lithium-ion battery.

A nickel-metal hydride battery was used in the hybrid engine in the previous Harrier.


This allowed the new Harrier to have a smaller and lighter battery, so it could be mounted under the rear left seat to provide as much luggage space as a gasoline engine model.

Previously, a battery couldn’t be installed under the back seat, so the luggage space seemed a bit smaller than a gasoline engine.

However, this time the lithium-ion battery was used for the hybrid, it can have such a large luggage space.

Toyota Harrier 2020 Hybrid 2WD model

The maximum output of 2WD is 160kW (218ps).

The maximum output of the motor installed at the front is 88kW (120ps).

Recent Toyota hybrid models use electric energy and electric motors for “  rather than fuel consumption.

In other words, it is a hybrid model that emphasizes driving performance rather than fuel consumption.


The starting and accelerating performance of a motor are far superior to those of a gasoline vehicle.

When accelerating, it is faster and quieter than gasoline cars.

The main feature of Toyota Harrier 2020 hybrid is the motor, and the engine is the secondary feature.

Toyota Harrier 2020 Hybrid 4WD Model

The 4WD specification is electric (Toyota calls it “E-Four”). Instead of mechanically distributing front power to the rear with a propeller shaft, 4WD with a motor with an output of 40kW (54ps) is mounted on the rear.

If you switch the multi-information display on the meter in the driver’s seat to the mode that displays the torque distribution of the front and rear wheels, you can see that the motor is running.

With 4WD, when entering a corner, it will become 2WD → 4WD.

As a result, the front tire can be used for going around a curve, and at the same time, the vehicle behavior can be stabilized.

4WD is used not only to drive on rough roads but also to improve the ability to make a sharp turn.

The transmission of Toyota Harrier 2020

The transmission mounted on Toyota Harrier 2020 is also Direct Shift-CVT adopted in RAV4, just like the engine.


The characteristic of this transmission is that it can travel 100 km/h even at 1,500rpm, so it has a horsepower that does not seem like a 2.0L NA engine.

“Dynamic Control AWD”, which was also used in RAV4, is now standard on the new Harrier’s 4WD.

Torque distribution to the left and right of the tire is not provided, but it has AWD that can distribute torque to the front and rear wheels from 100:0 to 50:50.

This makes it more convenient for driving on rough roads and starting on an icy slope where you need an instant 4WD, rather than using as a full-scale off-road vehicle.

Here, please check the size of the car.

The size of Toyota Harrier 2020

We will introduce the size of the car body and interior.

Please first take a look at the body size of the new Harrier.


Compare to the previous Toyota Harrier, the total length is +15mm, the total width is +20mm, the total height is -30mm, and the wheelbase is+15mm.

The reason why the total height is reduced by 30 mm is that it is a model created based coupe.

This Toyota Harrier model has a slightly similar body to the Lexus concept model LF-1 Limitless.


Next, let’s take a look at the interior size.

About the interior size of Toyota Harrier 2020


The interior of Toyota Harrier 2020 is as below.

Finally, we will introduce the safety devices and other options installed in the new Toyota Harrier 2020 model.

Safety equipment of Toyota Harrier 2020

In Toyota Harrier 2020, the latest second-generation Toyota Safety Sense.

Pre-Crash Safety System



In addition to a pedestrian detection system for day and night, it has the latest Pre-Crash Safety System that detects bicycles in the day time.

Lane Tracing Assist

The Lane Tracing Assist is used to read the white line with the camera during cruise control and even control the steering so that the center of the lane is maintained.

With the new Harrier, if the other car is going at the same speed as you and you are trying to change lanes, the lane departure suppression device works in conjunction with the blind spot monitor.

This is also a new function.



Radar Cruise Control

The so-called Adaptive Cruise Control uses a cruise control of all vehicle speed tracking type that recognizes the vehicle in front by the radar and supports it to complete stop.

It is a convenient function to use in traffic jams, highways, and autobahns.

Cruise Control

Adaptive High-beam System(AHS)

In addition to the Toyota Harrier 2020 Grade S, a high-tech high beam system that recognizes oncoming vehicles and preceding vehicles with the in-vehicle camera on the front part and shields only to a part required.

Road Sign Assist • Traffic Movement Notification

It is a function to read the traffic sign with the in-vehicle camera on the front part and display it on the multi-information display.

Toyota Harrier 2020 also has a sound notification function when a preceding vehicle starts.

Intelligent Clearance Sonar

This was also installed in the previous generation, and this is a function that activates the brakes when parking or on a vehicle.

It’s a great feature that has the ability to brake on walls and telegraph poles, and it’s rarely used by other manufacturers.

There is a sign in the blind spot of the parking lot, and the brake of the intelligent clearance sonar is activated to avoid a collision against an obstacle.

This is a standard function in all grades.


Blind spot monitor

It is a device to notify with an alert lamp on a mirror when there is another vehicle approaching from diagonally behind when you are driving.

It is standard equipment on the grade Z and above and is an option on the grade S and G.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert brakes

When exiting the car into reverse from the parking lot, this function automatically activates the brake when it detects a person or another car approaching the car from diagonally behind.

This is also standard equipment on the Grade Z and is an option for all others.

Other options

Comfortable thermal seats + seat ventilation

Comfortable thermal seats mean seat heater.

Seat ventilation is a function in which the seat has a fan that sucks the hot air that has accumulated in the seat and cools it.

This function is useful when driving long hours in hot summer seasons or on hot days.

This is an essential function for people who often enjoy long hours driving.

This option is available only in the grade G and Z leather packages.

If you buy the grade G and Z leather package, this function comes standard.


Until now, NANOE developed by Panasonic was installed in other Toyota models.

In this new Toyota Harrier 2020, the latest “NANOE X” is standard equipment in the air conditioner.

This has nano-sized water capsule “OH radicals” 10 times more than the conventional.

The manufacturer has announced that by releasing this from the air conditioner outlet on the passenger side, it has the effect of purifying the air inside the vehicle, deodorizing, and disinfecting.

Not sure if you can feel the effects, but if a woman is in the passenger seat may be pleased.

Please see the ride comfort of this Toyota Harrier 2020 model.

About the ride comfort of Toyota Harrier 2020

The chassis of the new Toyota Harrier 2020 model uses TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture) K platform.


Furthermore, in addition to this platform, ultrahigh strength steel and aluminum material are actively used to reduce weight and improve rigidity. The body rigidity is 1.78 times higher than the third-generation Toyota Harrier and Lexus NX.

With this function, all grades of Toyota Harrier 2020 has superior cornering performance and lower vibration, it makes a long hour drive easier.

Since the inside of a car has low vibration and noise, you can have a comfortable time in the car.

The suspension uses MacPherson struts on the front and double wishbones on the rear.


The third-generation Harrier has a reputation for a light steering feel and a comfortable ride. There are a few comments that some people got car sickness in rear seats since it has a similar ride quality of the previous Crown.

However, with this Toyota Harrier 2020, the ride quality is significantly improved compared to the predecessor due to the suspension and body that reduce it considerably.


The third-generation Toyota Harrier Hybrid has a “sprung damping control” which suppresses the vibration of the upper body.

It is used in Toyota Harrier 2020 gasoline and hybrid vehicles.

As a result, the raising and lowering of the nose when accelerating and decelerating is also reduced, resulting in a comfortable ride with less shaking and less vibration than conventional Harrier.

You need to drive a car to feel it, so please have a test drive.

Comparison between Toyota Harrier 2020 and Lexus RX

This Toyota Harrier 2020 is as luxurious as Lexus.


The size is the same as or slightly larger than Lexus RX, and the interior has the same luxury feeling as Lexus RX.

Lexus RX


Harrier 2020


The comparison of engine performance such as powertrain is as follows.

As described, the Toyota Harrier 2020 model is a complete vehicle with almost no difference from Lexus RX.

In addition, the Toyota Harrier 2020 model has stronger body rigidity than Lexus RX, so the car can have superior cornering performance.

If anything, Lexus RX has the finer joint lines in the interior as the standard equipment.

Also, Lexus RX is a Lexus brand car that gives a more luxurious impression to the Toyota Harrier 2020 and allows you to experience the superiority of riding a Lexus.

However, the ride quality, equipment, the operability of the car, and engine performance, etc. are better than those of Lexus RX.

Considering that, if you want to ride Lexus but can not buy it for a while, this Toyota Harrier 2020 model is recommended.

Also, if you want to focus more on running than Lexus RX, this Toyota Harrier 2020 model is definitely better than Lexus.

We recommend that you have a test ride at the dealer once and then compare and decide.

Which one should you buy, Toyota Harrier 2020 or Lexus RX?

To be honest, it totally depends on your taste.

The Toyota Harrier 2020 model has the same riding comfort as Lexus RX, and the cornering performance, engine performance, fuel consumption, and body rigidity are all at the same level as Lexus RX.


For this reason, if you have a higher budget and wish to receive superior services, and you want to have a compliment from other people that you are driving Luxus, it might be better to buy Lexus.

Toyota Harrier 2020 is a high-level car.

Because it is a high-level car and inexpensive, the new Toyota Harrier 2020 model is definitely recommended. Although Lexus’s service is not available, equipment is similar to Lexus RX.

Japanese professional

Other than that, as we explained earlier, it is a good idea to have a test drive of Lexus RX and the Toyota Harrier 2020 model and check the service of the clerk.

How can we buy the Toyota Harrier 2020 model cheaply at this moment? We have looked it up, so please take a look.

How to buy Toyota Harrier 2020 at low prices

At the moment, the Toyota Harrier 2020 model has just been released, and there are few dealers sell at a discount because it is a popular model in Japan.

Man Hands up

Since there are no used cars available yet, it is difficult to buy cheaply because the number of used cars is small.

Currently, the cheapest way is to buy the new Toyota Harrier 2020 model from the person who bought it.

Instead, the previous Toyota Harrier model may be a little cheaper because the 2020 model came out.

Let’s take a look at the used car prices of Toyota Harrier 2020 and earlier models.

How to buy used Toyota Harrier at low prices

The cheapest way to buy a high quality used Toyota Harrier without scratches or dents is to buy it at Carused.jp. The only company in Japan that has a business relationship with the Toyota Group.

carused.jp website

Carused.jp is one of the few Internets used car sales companies where professional staff who always buy only cheap and good quality cars from the Japanese auction market every day.

Carused.jp and Toyota Group have partnered since 2020.

Toyota News

Click here to read “Entered into capital and business alliance with Toyota Tsusho Corporation”

In this way, Carused.jp is the only company in Japan that is affiliated with the Toyota Group company that produces Toyota Harrier, so you can buy cheap and good used cars without worries.


    2005 Toyota Harrier MCU30W
    122,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD2,908 USD3,108
    Save $200!



    2005 Toyota Harrier ACU35W
    123,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD 3,363 USD3,513
    Save $150!



    2004 Toyota Harrier MCU30W
    185,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD2,278 USD2,508
    Save $230!


  • 2005 Toyota Harrier ACU35W
    178,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,063 USD3,413
    Save $350!


  • 2005 Toyota Harrier ACU35W
    151,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,203 USD3,513
    Save $310!


  • 2007 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    73,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,699 USD3,907
    Save $208!


  • 2006 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    143,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,294 USD3,507
    Save $213!


  • 2005 Toyota Harrier ACU35W
    177,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,116 USD3,513
    Save $397!


  • 2007 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    102,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,546 USD 4,107
    Save $561!


  • 2006 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    128,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,278 USD3,907
    Save $629!


  • 2007 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    176,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,247 USD3,637
    Save $390!


  • 2008 Toyota Harrier ACU30W
    141,000KM | AT
    FOB Price:
    USD3,361 USD3,737
    Save $376!


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