What kind of Hiace(hiacevan hiaceminibus) should you choose? Automatic or Manual?

Hiace van, hiace minibus is an extremely popular Japanese used car all over the world.

When you want to use a car for commercial purposes, such as transporting cargo, moving to a workplace, and transferring a large number of people, a commercial vehicle is more suitable than a vehicle for general everyday use. Among the commercial vehicles, the Japanese TOYOTA brand, Hiace, is particularly popular.

It boasts overwhelming popularity and is used all over the world.

When choosing Hiace, it is important to be careful about whether it is automatic or manual, as well as grade and type.

This time, whether to choose automatic or manual with Hiace, we will explain each feature.


Transmission mounted on the Hiace Van

Hiace van, which is often used for commercial purposes, its transmission is generally manual. However, if the cost is important, there is also the option of an automatic vehicle.

Each feature is as follows.

Manual cars have good fuel efficiency and are low in daily costs! It doesn’t often break down!

The initial cost (purchase price) of an automatic car is low!

Overall, there are many customers who choose manuals.

Now let’s first check what kind of transmission is installed on each automatic and manual of Hiace.

6-speed automatic transmission for diesel and gasoline vehicles

A 6-speed automatic transmission is standard equipment on both diesel and gasoline vehicles. It has a flex lock-up that allows you to shift smoothly and ascent/descent control that prevents unnecessary shift changes, so you can drive comfortably.

For those who want to drive a manual car, it also has a sequential shiftmatic, so you can drive as if you are driving a manual.

Van 2.0L gasoline car is equipped with a 5-speed manual

One of the great cars, Van 2.0L gasoline vehicles, is equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission. The feature is that a clutch start system is adopted as a function to enhance safety.

If you don’t step on a clutch pedal firmly, the starter will not start, so you do not have to worry about a sudden start.

Features of Hiace automatic

Regardless of Hiace, many vehicles currently on sale have automatic transmissions. Let’s take a look at the specific features.

1. Easy to drive without the need for shift changes
With an automatic transmission, shift changes are performed automatically, so there is no need for the driver to operate at the same speed. All you have to do is to put the gear in “D” and you can drive comfortably. If you want to reduce the amount of work while driving, or if you are not familiar with driving, we recommend the automatic that you can drive easily.

2. Creep phenomenon makes it easier to start/stop and do a hill start
Automatic has a creep phenomenon that starts slowly when the brake pedal is not stepped on. It can be driven without worrying about the engine stop, even when driving in urban areas and towns where the start and stop frequencies are high.

With the manual, you can start safely on slopes that require clutch and side brake operation because of the creep phenomenon.


Features of Hiace Manual

Hiace Van 2.0L gasoline cars are considered to be difficult to drive because it requires a clutch operation. However, there are features unique to manuals, and many people are more likely to prefer manuals than automatics. Here are three features of the manual.

  • Good fuel economy!
    Compared to automatic cars, it has better fuel efficiency and can reduce everyday expenses.
  • Low risk of breakdown and relatively low repair costs
    The structure of a manual transmission is simpler than that of an automatic transmission. Therefore, there are few risks to break down and you can drive for a long time. Even if it breaks down, it is easy to repair, so the repair cost is often low.
  • You can enjoy driving
    Although a manual car requires more work while driving, you can experience the feeling that you are moving the car yourself, such as changing gears according to speed or using a clutch and side brakes to start on a slope.With an automatic system, you can drive almost by an operating handle, but you may feel bored. If you want to drive while enjoying, try the manual Hiace.
  • By using engine braking, it achieves a sense of lightness.
    The manual car has a feature that the engine brake works easily because the driver can change the gear by driving action. You can drive with accelerator work without relying on the brakes and also drive smoothly with low fuel consumption.On the other hand, the automatic car has a complicated structure in which various parts are combined, and even if one part breaks, the whole function may not work. Replacing the entire transmission would be expensive, and repair is costly.



The features of manual cars are that they have a good fuel economy and can reduce daily expenses! In addition, automatic cars are characterized by a relatively low initial cost (purchase price).

Since automatic transmission does not require complicated gear operation, it is great to be able to drive easily. On the other hand, manual gear requires some familiarity with gear operation, and it has some features such as enjoying operating the car, driving by using engine brakes, and having a low risk of breakdown.

If you want to enjoy comfortable driving, try automatic transmission. If you want to enjoy your own driving style by changing gears, select manual transmission. Please chose Hiace that is suitable for you.

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