What are the features of the Hiace 100 series? Differences between RZH112 and RZH102

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What are the differences between RZH112 and RZH102?

RZH102 and RZH112 are considered as 100 series Hiace. This 100 series Hiace was completely remodeled from the H50 series in August 1989!

The difference from Toyota Hiace model code RZH102 and RZH112 is the “length”.

RZH102 is short size hiacevan, RZH112 is long size hiacevan. Specifically, the following is the total length of each.

RZH102: Total length 4.43 m × total width 1.69 m× total height 1.98 m

RZH112: Total length 4.69m × total width 1.69m× height 1.98m

but many customers ask about the difference between fuel injection and carburetor.

What are fuel injection and carburetor in the first place?

carburetor: Mix air and fuel in the cab and put it in the cylinder

fuel injection : Since the nozzle can be installed near the intake valve, fuel is easily atomized, and there is an advantage that intake resistance is reduced because no diffuser is required.

In general, customers tend to prefer the fuel injection model.

If you do not know the model code of fuel injection, please contact us at carused.jp.

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Finally, we would like to introduce the history of the 100 series Hiace.

  • October 1990: 4WD and new models were added
  • August 1993: The 2.4-liter diesel engine was discontinued along with the 2.8-liter diesel engine, and a newly developed 3-liter diesel engine has become the only engine available.
  • August 1995: Abolition of 2L engine and addition of AT specification to Wagon DX
  • August 1996: Minor changes in Hiace wagon and safety equipment such as airbags and ABS were standardized
  • August 1998: The gasoline engine of hiace van and hiace commuter was improved.
    For 2.8-liter diesel vehicles, the same engine is improved and has become a 3 liter
  • July 2000: Newly developed 2.4-liter gasoline engine was launched on the hiace van super long and hiace commuter
  • August 2001: hiace van is equipped with Super GL-E grade, which is slightly simpler and cheaper equipment than super gl
  • August 2003: The 2-liter gasoline engine of the hiace van and hiace commuter is replaced with a newly developed engine.

During 15 years before switching to the next model 200 series, it went through various changes such as engine size.


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