The hidden differences between Hiace and Regius Ace, regiusace van!

It’s actually the same!!!

The car manufacturer is both Toyota, and they sell the same car under different names.

By comparison, Hiace and Regius Ace are exactly the same car, not only in exterior but also in interior and function.

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Regius Ace

The only difference is the emblem letter. Basically, that’s the only difference.


And the biggest differences between these two cars are the emblem and the selling price.

Why? What does it mean that exact same cars have different prices?

What is the difference in prices and why?

Hiace is well known all over the world, and everyone knows its name, and it is extremely popular, but when it comes to Regius Ace, its awareness is not as high as Hiace.

Hiace has high name recognition and yet Regia Ace is little-known.

Hiace tends to be more expensive than Regius Ace with only the difference in emblems and popularity.

If people started to know that these two cars are exactly the same, it will be possible to purchase Regia Ace (the same as Hiace), much cheaper than Hiace.

However, Japanese exporters like know this fact already!

The difference is not so great, because we have an awareness of reality.

What is the difference? If the popular used Hiace (10 to 20 years older models) has a price of about 10,000 to 20,000 yen, the price of Regius Ace tends to be cheaper in Japan.


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  1. Good information indeed.
    May i ask which ne has the strong engine,
    and which is good for commercial work, petrol or the other one?


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