Which Mitsubishi Canter 2 Ton Truck should you buy? manual or automatic?

For example, if you are thinking of buying a truck, first of all, you may choose the car by manufacturer, engine, etc.

Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck, which is very popular in our company, has a good balance of quality and price!

Next, you may have some questions regarding transmission. Popular truck transmission in overseas market and truck industry is a manual Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck, and the one you can buy and import cheaply is automatic Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck.

Transmission is manual and automatic, and please refer to the advantages and disadvantages of these two transmissions!

First, let us explain about manual transmission.

  1. Low maintenance cost: High durability, resulting in low maintenance cost
  2. Better fuel economy than automatic
  3. It is generally said that a manual truck is easier to drive than an automatic
  4. There is an option of a clutch – It is said that the truck starts and stops slowly,but speed can be adjusted with the clutch finely
  5. Park in reverse can be done easily when parking

【Disadvantages of manual Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck】

  1. Use the shift lever
  2. Use the clutch pedal

The operation of the shift lever and clutch pedal is complicated, so those who are not confident in driving may find it very difficult to drive.

Specifically, there is a possibility that you can end up stalled in the middle of the hill. The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the manual.

Next, we will explain about automatic transmission.

【Advantages of automatic Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck

The operation is simple and easy

You don’t need to operate the clutch, which is required for manual, so driving is much easier than for manual.

  1. There is no clutch pedal – It has the advantage that the left foot does not get leg fatigue when driving
  2. Fuel efficiency is constant – Generally, it is often said that the fuel economy of an automatic vehicle is poor, but the fuel efficiency of the manual varies greatly depending on the driver.

【Disadvantages of automatic Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck】

  • Many parts
  • The structure is complicated
  • Engine braking does not work

Trucks may use engine braking when driving, but Automatic does not work very well.

The above is the transmission of Mitsubishi canter 2ton truck

There are advantages and disadvantages of Manual automatic.

We hope this helps you as references.

Choosing a car is very important in your life.

If you are going to buy a car, you want to buy the one that you’re satisfied and happy with.

It’s up to you where to put the most important point, and regarding a Transmission, we think it is very important to know both advantages and disadvantages.

Please refer to this and buy your favorite car!

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