Which light-sized truck is better than the others? Canter truck vs elf truck vs dutro truck

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A small-sized truck made in Japan that is popular in the world!

Among them, Mitsubishi’s canter truck, Isuzu’s elf truck, and Hino’s dutro truck.

Which one should you buy?

This time, we will introduce which truck is superior to the others!

1. Canter is extremely popular worldwide!

Mitsubishi’s canter truck is the most popular among the three vehicles.

Let’s check the reasons for its popularity.

The reasons for its popularity

  1. High quality
  2. Due to its popularity all over the world, engines and parts are easily available in each country.


Based on the above reasons, we will explain each in detail.

High quality

Canter has excellent environmental performance, economic efficiency, and safety. It uses the latest technology to keep exhaust gas in a clean state and meets Japan’s strict emission control standards. The good point is that it is environmentally friendly.

And what we should pay attention to is its good fuel efficiency. This is a particularly important point. In addition to engine performance, various innovations such as control system and ECO mode have been adapted.

When purchasing a truck, the price of the vehicle will be a big concern, but the maintenance cost after purchase is also important. A good fuel economy means that you can save costs. It is essential for business continuity.

High safety is also highly regarded. With the introduction of various safety systems, it protects the safety of drivers and pedestrians. If an accident happens, it may involve human lives, and there is a possibility for big losses in business. Therefore, the safety performance of Canter cannot be missed out.

Due to the above reasons, Mitsubishi Canter has received a high evaluation overseas.

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Due to its popularity all over the world, engines and parts are easily available in each country.

Canter is a truck that is effectively used in Asian countries, North America, and Africa. Since it is the only model sold in Europe among Mitsubishi, it is used in a wide range of overseas regions.

Carused.jp has business with customers in various countries such as Tanzania, Zambia, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, DRC, and Malawi.

Therefore, many engines and parts are easily obtained in the exporting countries as a reason behind. In other words, it is much easier to repair.

If so, of course, you can use it for many years without spending a lot of money on maintenance.

We want to avoid having trouble with breakdowns even though a car was just purchased. Canter is most likely to have the spare parts needed for repair, so it can be fixed and used again. That is one of the reasons for its popularity.

2. Elf and Dutro are cheaper than Canter

hino dutro

Canter is popular, but the price tends to be slightly higher. It does not mean that Elf and Dutro are unpopular. They are relatively inexpensive and can be obtained because they are inferior to Canter.

You might not be able to decide whether you want to ride a popular Canter at a little higher cost or Elf or Dutro at a lower cost. However, if you look only at the price, you may regret later that other aspects such as fuel efficiency and riding comfort should have been respected.

When buying a truck, you need to make a comprehensive judgment. Be careful not to decide promptly because of the price, so that you will not regret it afterward.

3. Which one finally wins?

Canter, Elf, Dutro. We have introduced these three vehicles, but which truck is the best one? The answer is probably the world’s most popular Canter.

As we mentioned, Elf and Dutro will be better in terms of cost. Certainly, it is important that the initial cost is low… Can they also manage to keep the maintenance cost as low as possible?

What if it breaks down? What if I bumped my car and need repair? If you are worried about these thoughts, we think the best one will be Canter since many parts are easily obtained for repair. It is such a big loss to scrap a car and replace it without being able to repair it. There is such possibility if you purchased Elf and Dutro.

Even if the initial cost is a little higher, Canter is still a better choice because it is much easier to keep maintained. If you are thinking of buying a truck made in Japan, please put Canter as your primary choice.

4. Summary


Canter, Elf, and Dutro are world-famous trucks. Overall, Japanese cars have high performance and tend to last longer, so that the demand for all three cars are remarkably high in many regions.

However, if we need to choose the best one between the three, it will be Canter. The reason is its higher quality and repairing accessibility. In other words, we can point out that it is easy for the driver to drive and easy to maintain.

Of course, both Elf and Dutro are great trucks. It may be a good idea to compare with Canter to think about these two. At that time, please keep in mind that you should look at maintenance costs that are hard to find on the sales site. It would be a great advantage to be able to repair it in case of breakdowns. It’s something that Elf and Dutro don’t have.

In considering the above, it is best to consider purchasing Canter.

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