The big difference according to the engine! The market for Used Canter!

When you buy a truck, the first thing you should consider is a Japanese truck.

Japanese trucks are very popular all over the world for its overwhelmingly high quality and low-cost performance. Among them, everyone knows isuzu, toyota, mitubishi, and hino.

Especially in the used car import market, 2-ton class small-sized trucks are very popular, and Flat body, dump trucks are especially popular.

Also, there are Canter that is overwhelmingly popular in terms of quality and price, today we will introduce the popular model of Canter!

Especially in Canter, the engine is the most important.

The significant characteristic is that the used car price and the sales are completely different depending on the engine model!

Especially popular engines are 4D30, 4D32, and 4D33 that represent the 4D engines.

Our customers want a truck with a 4D33 engine, not a model code or manufacturer! There are many people who comment that it is a very popular engine!

For example, the model codes with 4D32 engine are

FE305B, FE315B, FE325, FE335, FE355E, FE425E, FE435, FE445, and FG335

Let’s take a closer look at the popular 4D engine from overseas buyers.

“4” of 4D engine means in-line 4-cylinder, and D means diesel.

For example, the FE-4D32 engine is

It is a turbo diesel engine with direct injection with an engine displacement of 3567cc, maximum output of 110ps / 3500rpm, and maximum torque of 26.0kg-m / 1800rpm.

Click here for 4D engine displacement ↓

In addition to the 4D engine, Canter and Canter Guts have models with 4M engine such as 4M40, 4M50, and 4M51.

Please pay attention not only to the model code, year, mission, and mileage but also to the engine installed!

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