Let’s Review! HiAce Van History and Professional Use!

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Choosing a van for your business is an important and expensive decision. Small business owners typically look for a single vehicle that can do everything. On the other hand, fleet managers and larger businesses search for a mix of vehicles that can meet various needs. That said, every business owner will look for common qualities, including fuel economy as well as insurance and maintenance costs. The good news is, the Toyota HiAce van possess all these. By choosing this vehicle, you are making the right investment for your business.

HiAce Van History

You would be surprised to learn that the HiAce van has been around for a long time, having debuted in 1967. Like a lot of other light commercial vehicles, the HiAce is known for having a long life between updates. It is worth noting that the first generation stayed in the market for a decade before getting a facelift. Moreover, the fifth generation, specifically the H200 model, has been in the market since 2004. It is due for an update this 2018.

For safety reasons, a lot of van manufacturers have placed the engine out in front of the passenger cell. However, it seems that the next HiAce would still have a traditional box design. Despite its blueprint, we all know that HiAce still fares well in sales. When reviewing a HiAce van, experts always find that this vehicle holds its value excellently on the second-hand market.

Why the HiAce Van is Perfect for Professional Use

There are many pros and cons to owning a HiAce. On the other hand, this van is more widely known as a dependable and reliable workhorse for various types of businesses. Over the last decade, it even became a staple in transport industries around the world. This is despite having no innovative technical updates since 2005. This is probably because of its safety features, as well as its comfortable and spacious cabin.

It has driver and passenger airbags along with side door impact beams. Aside from those, the HiAce also has ABS, giving it a competitive edge against its main rival, the Nissan NV350 Urvan. With a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder diesel engine, this Toyota van can provide efficient performance on the road, reaching 12.5 km/l with a range of 875km. Compared to the Urvan, it can travel 92km farther.

Long days on the various road conditions are more comfortable with the HiAce’s spacious interior and beautiful exterior. It is worth noting that the interior space has been designed to provide be as gentle on the nerves as possible. Buyers can also customize the configurations to meet their needs. The air conditioner in the cabin is efficient while the seats are spacious, making the HiAce the ideal commuter van.

All things considered, including the 15-seating capacity, you would be surprised to know that the HiAce is actually one of the most affordable commercial vans in the market. Toyota even released a special Commuter model for this purpose. It has a 3110 wheelbase with a length of 5380, a height of 2285, and a width of 1880. The Toyota HiAce Commuter even comes with various interesting features, including a stereo system in the front rack door. Its interior and exterior have a formidable design, making it an appropriately huge-sized van. With its spacious cabin, it can be the perfect vehicle to transport people. What’s more, its flexible design also allows it to be modified for use of tradespeople and the cargo industry.

Import a HiAce Van to your Country Today!

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