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Until the purchase of Isuzu truck cheap

What is the purpose when choosing a truck?

The requirements that you are looking for trucks can be listed as follows; being able to carry a lot of luggage, working efficiently, having durability, and being safe, etc.

The only truck that meets these requirements is Isuzu truck cheap, which has the longest history in Japan.

Therefore, we will introduce the types of trucks and why Isuzu truck cheap is so popular in Japan and overseas.

Types of Truck

Small-sized trucksMedium-sized trucksLarge-sized trucks
 Less than 5t5.0~11t11t or more
Total length: within 4.7m

Total width: Within 1.7

Height: within 2.0m

Total length: within 12m

Total width: within 2.5m

Height: within 3.8m

Same as medium-sized trucks

In the transportation industry, truck types can be broadly divided into three types: small, medium, and large.

In Japan, taxes such as motor vehicle tax and insurance premiums such as liability insurance have a great effect on the size of trucks as shown in the table above.

For example, light-duty trucks such as Isuzu’s “Elf” fall under the law of the Road Transport Vehicle Act in Japan as small-sized trucks. The maintenance cost is low among trucks, and it is mainly used for transportation such as courier.

Also, trucks can be divided into various types depending on the body part.

There are four main types: “flat body”, “with a crane”, “dumps”, and “refrigerated trucks”. Small-sized trucks are popular not only in Japan but also overseas, and many people import these types of trucks directly from Japan.

Flat body

A truck in the shape of a carriage that can be said to be the root of the truck.

Although the truck bed is exposed, the loading and unloading of luggage can be performed efficiently, but the cargo is exposed, so it is easily affected by rain and wind.

With a crane

Trucks with a flat body and a crane can efficiently load and unload cargo.

There are two types of trucks with cranes: front storage the crane in front of the cabin, and storage the crane in the upper part of the truck bed.


A dump, which means to unload cargoes at once, is a truck that can uplift the truck bed and unload cargoes at once.

In general, rear dumps are used to unload cargoes to the rear of the vehicle, but there are various types such as side dumps that can be unloaded to the side, and three-turn dumps that can be unloaded backward and left and right.

 Refrigerated vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles means that a truck equipped with a cooling device called an aluminum van with heat insulating material.

By setting the temperature of the refrigerated vehicles higher, it can also be used as a chill car.

Why is Isuzu truck cheap required all over the world?

With so many different types of trucks, why is Isuzu truck cheap so popular in Japan and overseas?

Isuzu’s trucks were founded in 1916 and have the longest history in Japan. Isuzu has loved as a popular car maker of small, medium, large, bus, and pickup trucks.

While a wide variety of Isuzu trucks are on sale, one of the lightest trucks, “Elf” keeps its top share.

Here are four reasons why Elf is popular not only by Japan but also by the world.

1. Large selection

1: Elf 100Excellent mobility in narrow and small road conditions.

It has a simple structure and is excellent in durability and cost performance.

2:Flat Body4WD models also have a large selection of bodies, from standard to super long, including standard cabs, high cabs, and wide cabs.
3:Doble cab2WD / 4WD standard body with a total width of 1,695mm. A cabin with a long 2WD body and a total width of 1,890 mm.

Suitable for various uses such as high cab, long body type, and dump type.

4:E CargoThe equipment required for a dry ban is packaged as standard.
5:Diesel hybridIt is equipped with Isuzu’s unique hybrid system.
6:CNG seriesElf CNG-MPI is an eco-car powered by natural gas and environmentally friendly.
7:VanAluminum corrugated (sinuate corrugated aluminum) is standard equipment to protect cargoes from any weather.
8:Camping carsThere are two main types; 1.5t standard body and 2t wide body.
9:Dump carsThere are various types of dumps available for different purposes, ranging from standard dumps to reinforced dumps with a front panel, side gate, and rear gate with a thickness of 6mm, agricultural dumps, and double cabs.

The biggest feature of the Isuzu Elf is its large selection.

With the high technology cultivated over a long history and the trucks for various purposes, you will be able to find the truck you want.

2. Good fuel economy

Equipped with the new generation engine “D-CORE”, the fuel efficiency of the engine has been greatly improved.

As a result, not only it has a good fuel economy but also clean technology, and the designation of eco-car tax reduction vehicles in Japan has increased the popularity of Elf.

3. Good safety technology

Normally, trucks will lock the steering wheel in the unlikely event that the brakes are suddenly stepped over, but Elf is equipped with ABS that enables steering operation, ASR that stabilizes by controlling the drive wheel when the road surface is frozen, and HAS for slope start assistance equipment.

In addition, it has been selected as a safer truck due to its extensive preventive safety technology such as collision avoidance assist devices.

4. High operability

In addition to the 5-speed transmission, the adoption of the “Smoother Ex” 6-speed sequential transmission allows disguises to be performed simply by operating the shift lever up and down.

This allows for more convenient and smoother shifting and also reduces the burden on the driver because it is operated using only the accelerator and pedals.

Why Japanese cars are very popular such as Isuzu truck in the first place?

Why is “MADE IN JAPAN” trusted?

Japanese trucks that carry a lot of luggage, such as Isuzu truck, Mitsubishi Canter, and Mitsubishi Fighter, have a high level of safety and have an attractive lineup and good operability.

So why are Japanese cars so trusted worldwide? Here are three reasons.

  1. Excellent in downsizing and weight reduction
    Compact cars are also produced from many countries and can be seen among European and French cars and Italian cars, but in Japan, there is a vehicle category called “minicar” that specializes in compact cars.Minicars are particularly popular in Japan because they excel at making vehicles smaller and lighter, and are not only cheaper than ordinary cars but also have lower maintenance costs such as taxes and insurance premiums.The same applies to trucks: “There are small trucks, which can be purchased at a lower price and have low maintenance costs and are widely accepted by the Japan Transport Association.
  2. Excellent hybrid technology
    Since Japan is an island country with its limited territory, there is a tendency that traffic congestion tends to occur in urban areas.For this reason, many Japanese people do not drive long distances and use cars only for short distances for shopping and commuting.From this point, Japanese cars have excellent hybrid technology, and fuel efficiency is excellent even for short-distance driving by the Toyota-type hybrid system “THS” that was developed by the Japanese carmaker “Toyota” as a pioneer in the development.

    At the same time, the Japanese government has adopted policies such as “Eco-car tax reduction”, and many cars with good fuel consumption and eco-friendly features have been released.

  3. Have high safety
    The non-profit organization”Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ” established by the US insurance industry lists the safest cars from 2019 models, and the models certified as”Top Safety Pick + “. Most of the cars that were listed were from a Japanese manufacturer called Subaru.The reason why Japanese cars are so safe is that as of 2018, about 1,180 traffic accidents occurred daily in Japan, and about 10 people died in traffic accidents a day.  One of the reasons is that elderly people who are older than 75 years old often drive.Therefore, Japanese cars are not only excellent in performance but also in safety.

How to buy a car such as Isuzu truck in a safe and cheap way?

There are four ways to buy a Japanese car, for example, Isuzu truck.

What are the safest and cheapest ways to buy a Japanese car?

  1. Buy a new car
    Purchasing a new Isuzu truck has the advantage of receiving support such as warranty and maintenance after purchase.However, there is a disadvantage that the purchase cost is higher than the purchase methods described below.
  2. Buy Isuzu truck at a local used car shop
    Buying a Japanese car at a used car shop in your country that handles Japanese cars can be cheaper than buying a new car.
    You can find a Japanese car that meets your requirements, such as a Japanese car with a short mileage, but there are differences in prices and services depending on the used car shop.In addition, there is a disadvantage that extra money must be paid because the intermediate margin such as import costs is included in the price.
  3. Buy Isuzu truck at the auction siteBy using Japanese auction sites, you can purchase Japanese cars cheaply through CtoC trading, which are transactions between consumers.
    However, since CtoC trading is a transaction between consumers, there are many troubles such as demanding a higher price than the market price or receiving a car worse than the condition you explained, and it is said that the risk of being deceived is very high.
  4. Import directly from Japanese websites for private saleSo where is the cheapest and safest to buy? The idea is to buy and import Isuzu truck from Japanese websites directly in private trade.

    By importing directly from the Japanese website, you can get Isuzu truck at the cheapest price because you do not have an extra intermediate margin.

    In addition, by purchasing a Japanese car Isuzu truck from a company that specializes in exporting in Japan, it is possible to obtain a well-maintained and good Japanese car.

“I want to buy a car but what should I do?” Please consult

One way to buy Japanese cars cheaply is to buy and import Japanese cars Isuzu truck directly.

However, since there is a high risk in CtoC transactions, which are transactions between consumers. You will have a high possibility to be deceived, so importing Japanese cars directly from the Japanese website through individual trading is the safest and cheapest way to buy Japanese cars. is a Japanese export-used car sales company that has exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

In addition to offering the car you want at the best price at any time throughout the 365 days, in addition to being particularly strong in commercial vehicles such as trucks, the staff specialized in the maintenance of these will sell after firmly maintaining. You will have a high chance to get a reliable and reliable Isuzu truck.

“If you want to buy a Japanese car Isuzu truck but don’t know what to do”, please consult

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