Why are my Brakes Smoking? How Can I Prevent This?

Let’s say you are driving your car and you start to smell smoke. As you drive along, the odor increases, and you see smoke coming from the back or front of your vehicle. It is only natural to be frightened at the sight of smoke from your car. After all, the common culprit is the brake system. Needless to say, you have to address this issue immediately for your safety.

Whether you bought your vehicle from brand-new or used car dealerships, smoking brakes are not uncommon. In general, this problem can happen because of some simple reasons. Aside from knowing how to identify the cause of your engine problem, it is also essential to understand the common issues of your brake system. Make sure to read through this article to know how you can prevent our brakes from smoking.

Stuck Calipers

One of the most common reasons why your brakes are smoking is because of a stuck caliper. If the brake system of your vehicle is designed with floating calipers, they could only function properly if they are sliding around. Sometimes, the calipers can get stuck, locking the brake into place. When you drive, the stuck calipers can cause enormous friction, resulting to a foul odor and smoke. In most cases, calipers get stuck because of dirt or corrosion.

How to Prevent the Calipers from Getting Stuck

Of course, the best way to avoid getting your calipers stuck is to take care of your brakes properly. Make sure you replace the top up brake fluid and brake pads when necessary. By doing this, you can avoid running into any problems with your calipers.

The calipers can last the life of your car, depending on how much mileage you clock up. It can be challenging to diagnose caliper problems. So, do not hesitate to seek professional advice when needed.

Stuck Wheel Cylinder

The wheel cylinder of your car can also get stuck because of dirt or corrosion. When this happens, the brake shoes continue to press on the drum even when you release the brake. Consequently, the brakes will start to smoke and emit a bad odor.

How to Prevent the Wheel Cylinder from Getting Stuck

The braking system is one of the essential parts of our daily drives. However, it gets the least attention. The truth is, you can prevent the wheel cylinder from getting stuck by regularly checking the brake system for rust build up. Make sure you check the pads and rotors and look for premature or uneven wear. Most importantly, you should not forget to lubricate the system.

Debris in the Brake System

Your brakes can start to smoke when debris becomes lodged in their system. In most cases, this problem can be easily fixed. Moreover, you usually won’t need to visit an auto mechanic for this issue. You simply have to identify the foreign object and get rid of it.

When you take your tire off, make sure you check the brakes and see there is excess dirt building up on the system. You can apply a brake cleaner to help the brakes to function properly. Moreover, it allows you to see the braking system’s parts clearly before performing any repair job.

You can use brake cleaners to effectively remove dirt, oil, and other debris from the braking system of your car. The combination of chemicals in the solution break the elements down and wash them away. Keep in mind that some of the chemicals used in brake cleaners can be harmful. So, it is important to use the product with extreme caution.

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