What you Need to Know About your Engine Oil

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People generally think that the engine oil is simply one of the substances that keep the car running smoothly. However, many are not aware of the true importance of this brown fluid. Consequently, a lot of people use it the wrong way, causing various problems in their vehicle. Whether you buy brand new vehicles or used Japanese cars online, you should learn all the essential details about your motor oil. In this article, we will discuss them and also teach you how to choose the right engine oil for your vehicle.

What Does an Engine Oil Do?

Knowing the different types of car engines is one thing, but understanding what the motor oil does is another matter. Engine oil has a number of uses. It is essential in alleviating grinding and friction between the metal components in the engine. Moreover, the oil transfers the heat away from the combustion cycle, helping the engine maintain an ideal temperature. Essentially, the motor oil prevents dirt and deposit from building up. With the regular replacement of the oil, you can prolong the life of the engine.

Synthetic or Conventional Engine Oil?

The different types of engine oil are generally divided into two categories: synthetic and conventional oil. So, how do you choose the ideal one for your vehicle? Check out our simple guide below:

Full Synthetic Oil

Full synthetic oils are the products designed for sophisticated engines like the ones inside a Mercedes-Benz or a Chevy Corvette. These oils have passed strict tests, proving that they have long-lasting, superior performance in all the critical areas—from protection against deposits to viscosity index. In low temperatures, full synthetic oil flows better. On the other hand, at high temperatures, it maintains optimum lubricity.

It is worth noting that full synthetic oils are not for everyone. For one, they are expensive and not all kinds of engines need them. It is also possible that there some features of your vehicle’s engine might have needs that synthetic oils cannot support. So, it is best that you follow what your car’s manual recommends.

Premium Conventional Oil

This is the standard oil used for new cars. You will find brand offering this in various viscosities, depending on the service level. Typically, automakers specify a 5W-30 or 5W-20 oil for lower temperatures. There is a 10W-30 oil particularly designed for higher ambient temperatures. These are the ratings that can cover light-duty vehicles. However, what’s more important is changing the filter and oil on a regular basis. Generally, you should perform this maintenance routine every four months or every 4,000 miles. If you have an electronic oil-change indicator on the car’s instrument cluster, you should not exceed the warning.

Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic blend oils are formulated to give protection for higher temperatures and heavier loads. They are synthetic oils mixed with organic oil, making them less volatile. Essentially, they evaporate less, increasing fuel economy and reducing oil loss. Synthetic blend oils are ideal for SUV or pickup truck drivers who need protection for a higher load. Moreover, they are preferred by those who want to save money. After all, they are less expensive than full synthetic oils.

Oil for Higher Mileage Vehicles

These days, vehicles are designed to last longer. When you buy used Japanese cars online, you can expect them to have a long lifespan. Oil refiners considered that more and more vehicles can have a mileage that can run well up to six figures. So, they have designed new oils that are ideal for such cars. It is worth noting that higher-mileage oils have conditioners that restore the shape and flexibility of the seals. So, there is a lower chance of leaks with these products.

If you are still not certain what type of motor oil to choose, you can always ask an experienced mechanic for advice.

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