The Common Issues You Will Encounter on Your Toyota Hi-Ace Van

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As we’ve mentioned in our Toyota HiAce review, this van is a reliable utilitarian and passenger vehicle. It provides a world of convenience for both business owners and families. Of course, like other vehicles, it has its set of disadvantages, one of which is its size. It is worth noting that larger automobiles are more challenging to navigate.

Before you search for cheap Toyota vans and instantly make a purchase, it is best that you are aware of what you’re paying for. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of Toyota HiAce problems that owners reported. We will also suggest some solutions you can use if you encounter the issue.

Thick White/Gray Smoke

Some cheap Toyota vans are susceptible to emitting thick white smoke on startup. This is usually an indication of a turbo problem. Keep in mind that if you neglect this issue, it might develop into a heavy black smoke whenever you accelerate. When this happens to you, the first thing you should do is check your gas mileage. If you notice that the performance of your vehicle is starting to suffer, then it is time to have the turbo checked.

As we all know, the color of the exhaust smoke tells us something about the condition of our vehicle. So, if you see a continuous stream of thick gray/white smoke from your tailpipe, then it is likely that your head gasket is leaking. When this happens, the coolant gets heated inside the combustion chambers. So, when you start the engine, it gets blown out of the exhaust. Remember that when you drive your Toyota HiAce in this condition under the summer heat, your engine may overheat. So, it is best that you bring your vehicle to a trusted mechanic as soon as possible.

Noise Whenever you Decelerate

Some Toyota HiAce owners reported that they hear noises whenever they decelerate from a speed of at least 70 kph? This problem possibly has something to do with the transmission bearing. Transmission issues can be difficult to fix on your own, which is why we recommend having an expert technician look at your HiAce van as soon as possible. Keep in mind that bearing problems can quickly get worse, causing transmission failure. Moreover, if the bearing disintegrates while you are on the road, you might get into a serious accident.

If you want to keep the transmission of your HiAce in good condition, you should avoid resting your hand on the shifter. You might think that this habit is completely harmless, but doing this applies unnecessary pressure to the shifter fork and the rotating gear. Moreover, you must avoid abruptly stopping. It may be exhilarating to drive at fast speeds, suddenly stopping at the traffic lights. However, doing this can damage drivetrain parts like the transmission mounts.

Shaking Clutch

It is normal to expect a Toyota HiAce van for sale to perform with no issues for a long time. After all, this is quite a durable workhorse. However, many owners complained about a shaking clutch when they place the gear to the first position. Most of them reported that this happens just as the engine starts to warm up.

It is likely that the clutch vibrates because it oils up as the motor gets warm. If you encounter this problem on your Toyota HiAce, you can choose from the following solutions:

  • Replacing the clutch
  • Accelerating then slipping the clutch to burn the oil off
  • Ignoring the vibration since it does not cause any potential problem to the motor

If you have the budget, then your best bet is to replace your clutch. However, you can opt to ignore it because a vibrating clutch is not necessarily alarming. On the other hand, there are still some things you can do to avoid causing problems on your clutch. For instance, you should only engage and disengage it when needed. Doing so will prolong your clutch’s lifespan and even save your brake pads.

Diesel Engine Not Starting in Hot Weather

Some Toyota HiAce owners complained that they could not start the engine when they turn on the ignition switch. Many said that this happens to them when they are trying to drive their HiAce amidst hot weather. The ignition switch and the wiring loom might be experiencing high resistance. The problem gets worse because of the environmental temperature, preventing you from starting your van. On the other hand, if you notice the engine turning over but not starting, then the issue might have something to do with the starter assembly. As such, it is crucial that you let a qualified technician look at your HiAce.

Challenging to Start in Cold Mornings

There are Toyota Touring HiAce owners complaining about how it gets difficult for them to start the petrol engine on cold, wet mornings. They find themselves working the accelerator, but after firing up, it only splutters. If they do get the van to start, they would have to sit for a couple of minutes while the engine warms up because the vehicle does not have pulling power. This problem happens only at the beginning of the day as the van starts normally for the rest of the day.

If this happens to you, you can try changing the plugs and cleaning the carburetor. If doing those does not fix the problem, then there must be something wrong with one of your sensors. It is possible that the computer is not detecting that it is cold, preventing it from providing any cold enrichment. Without this, the engine won’t start ad run while it is still warming up. As such, you need to have a mechanic check the temperature sensor.

As you can see, like any other vehicle, the HiAce is also prone to some issues. However, it is important to remember that buying a Toyota HiAce van for sale does not necessarily mean that you have to live with these problems. After all, not all models are affected by these issues. Toyota HiAce was and still the ultimate utilitarian van.

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