Things You Should NEVER Do After a Car Accident

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While knowing proper car maintenance and safety tips are some of the important things that any vehicle owner should know, it is also essential to know what to do after getting into an accident. You would want to avoid doing things that could hurt your chances of recovering from the damages and injuries you suffered from the unwanted incident.

So, for you to ensure that the bad situation won’t turn into something worse, make sure you read through this article. While there are many things you should consider, it is important to keep a level head. Keep these tips in mind to know what to do if you get into an accident!

Leaving your Vehicle on the Road

Through road signs and lessons, drivers are instructed to pull over to the side of the road if they can. When you get into an accident, you shouldn’t put your vehicle in park and hop out into oncoming traffic just to check the damages. To avoid becoming roadkill, it would be best to move your car to an area that is out of the flow of traffic before you conduct a vehicle inspection.

Handling the Situation by Yourself

No matter how both parties feel that they’ve got the situation covered, it is still important to contact the authorities, especially when someone gets injured in the crash. You wouldn’t want people blackmailing you for money for the months to come. Disputes and automotive repair costs are better settled when the authorities are involved.

Admitting Liability

Remember that you should never admit liability of any kind. When you are talking to an insurance adjuster or a police officer, you should remain objective, stick to the facts, and refrain from inserting personal opinions. It is not both parties’ responsibility to determine who is at fault.

Just to protect yourself, you shouldn’t say that you’re sorry. It is possible for the statement to be taken out of context. People can interpret it as an admission of responsibility. It may be part of your nature to be compassionate and polite to others. However, it is worth noting that saying sorry can complicate things. When you show apologetic behavior, it implies that you are instantly admitting fault. Of course, you do not want to be undeservedly blamed for other people’s mistakes.

Neglecting Pains and Aches

It is true that you can avoid a great deal of paperwork and hospital visits when you act like neck pains are no big deal. However, right after the accident, it is advisable to go to a doctor and have yourself checked. You do not want a mild migraine and a little whiplash to turn into a debilitating problem.

Being Confrontational

You will only make matters worse when you get aggressive and confront the other parties involved. Even if it is clear who is at fault, you would want to avoid starting a fight with other people. Keep in mind that you are about to deal with a lot of problems with your insurance agent after the accident. You shouldn’t add assault to the mix.

Delaying your Insurance Claim

It is essential that you promptly take care of all paperwork when you’re dealing with insurance companies. There is a specific period of time wherein insurance companies require members to file their claims. That said, you shouldn’t take everything that your agent might say as the last word. Typically, insurance companies attempt to settle for less than the actual losses. So, make sure you do your research and determine the appropriate figure you should claim.

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