Choosing the Right Truck Specs

When you are part of small to mid-size fleet operations, you are well aware of all the challenges of today’s business environment. It is quite common for those handling truck and equipment acquisition to wear many hats and handle various and multiple responsibilities. There are also business owners who manage the vehicles. On the other hand, not everyone has the necessary technical knowledge to choose the right specs for their particular application.

It is worth noting that selecting the right used truck specs is crucial to the success of your fleet operations. So, in this article, we will discuss some basic tips when choosing specs for your truck. Keep on reading to find useful tips that can help your business succeed. Whether you’re scouring through Fuso Fighter reviews or you’re shopping for trucks, this guide would be helpful in your buying journey.

Select Specifications that are Versatile

It would be ideal to choose big rig specs and try to build a truck that can be suitable for more than a single type of application. When the time comes that you sell your truck, the potential buyer will find your vehicle useful for their own specific purpose. This is possible even if your truck wasn’t designed for the same application the buyer intends to use it for.

It would be best to spec rear-end gears and transmissions in the mid-part of the available spectrum. In this way, the truck would have the proper capabilities to perform well in mountain work when necessary. On the other hand, it will still have the ability to cruise at low RPM’s. Moreover, you should also make sure that you have the right driveline combination. This ensures your truck’s optimum performance and longevity.

You might also want to look into long hood trucks because of their great resale value. However, there is also a growing demand for drop nose trucks. Despite the controversy behind long hood trucks, they still keep their value well, especially when they are properly maintained. If these vehicles are driven correctly, their consumed fuel mileage could be decent as well.

Specs for Roadway Safety

A lot of truck makers now offer safety features like lane departure technology, collision avoidance technology, camera technologies, and other specs that keep driving safe. Driving behavior can also be monitored through GPS and telematics programs. This is perfect for fleet managers who want to make informed decisions based on recorded and real-time data.

There should also be collision avoidance which uses onboard radar technologies which sense the surroundings. Typically, these systems are paired with cruise control features. They can also be programmed to include driver alerts like steering wheel shaker, or automated features like braking engagement.

The lane departure feature is an optically-based technology. It includes a camera which observes the roadways’ lines and alerts the driver when they move out of the lane. Moreover, this technology also gets into action when the driver does not use the turn signals. Typically, they come with a speed threshold.

The great thing about camera systems is that they give the drivers greater ability to see what’s surrounds their vehicle. Some trucks are even specced with sophisticated systems and backup cameras that provide the driver with a comprehensive 360-degree view. You can eliminate mirrors and replace them with cutting-edge camera technology. You can even simulate a traditional mirror’s view by placing displays in the side windows of the truck.

Basically, when it comes to choosing the right used truck specs, it is best to find something that’s versatile. It would also be quite useful to find vehicles that offer great safety specs. This would be beneficial, not only to the driver but to your fleet operations as well.

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