Basic Details about Tires, Mags, & Shock Absorbers

You would be surprised how many drivers to include checking their wheel alignment and tires in their car maintenance routine. They do not realize how important it is to keep these components in good condition to ensure safe and comfortable drives. As such, we’ve put together this short guide to help you know more about some of the important parts of your car, specifically your tires, mags, and shock absorbers.


Your tires are the components of your car which actually touches the ground. Even as used car tires, they play an important role in accelerating, stopping, and turning your vehicle. With just one malfunctioning tire, your car can get immobilized. It is so important that we always keep a spare in our trunks. Just a tiny hole punching through your tire could easily ruin your entire day. As such, it is important to check their air pressure from time to time, especially on used car tires. Also, it would help if you are aware of the parts of a tire:

  • Belts – These are rubber-coated layers of fiberglass, steel, rayon, and other materials that crisscross in between the piles and tread. They are responsible for providing resistance to puncture. They also let the treads stay in flat and in contact with the road.
  • Sipes – These are special treads that improve traction on sandy, wet, snowy, or dirty road surfaces.
  • Tread – This is the part of a tire that actually touches the road.
  • Grooves – These are the spaces between two parallel ribs of tread. These are designed to let water effectively escape.
  • Shoulder – The tread’s outer edge which wraps into the sidewall area.
  • Sidewall – This features markings and information like tire type and size. It also protects the cord plies.
  • Inner Liner – This layer prevents are from penetrating the tire.
  • Bead – This is a high-strength steel cable that’s coated with rubber. It allows a tire to stay snuggly attached to the rim.
  • Body Plies – Rubber-coated plies run perpendicular to the treads of a tire. Several layers of these make the tire strong and resistant to road damage.


Wheels, also referred to as ‘mags,’ allow the car to roll. You literally can’t get anywhere without them. A lot of people give special attention to choosing their mags for their aesthetic appearance. However, they play an important role in how you drive your car. The material of mags affects not only their cosmetic appeal, but also their weight, strength, and durability. Here are some of the common types of car mags:

  • Steel – Steel wheels are simple and inexpensive. Offering a basic design, they are typically fitted to low-cost vehicles.
  • Aluminium Alloy – Sedans, trucks, luxury cars, and other types of vehicles can be fitted with aluminium alloy wheels. This material offers a perfect balance between cost, strength, durability, and weight.
  • Carbon Fiber – Since carbon fiber wheels are extremely strong and light, they are perfect for track-oriented sports vehicles. However, they can be very expensive and brittle.

Shock Absorbers

Perhaps, at one point in your life, you’ve wondered what role shock absorbers play in your vehicle. These are hydraulic devices that control the reverberation and impact of your vehicle’s suspensions and springs. To put it another way, shock absorbers ensure that your car’s tires continue to interact with the surface of the road, ensuring that you can properly control your car.

It is worth noting that shock absorbers are as important as the tires, steering system, and brakes. After all, the aforementioned components cannot function properly when the shock absorbers are worn out. Here are the three major kinds of shock absorbers:

  • Electrical shock absorbers
  • Coiled shock absorbers
  • Uncoiled shock absorbers

So, there you have it… the basic yet essential details you need to know about your car’s tires, mags, and shock absorbers!

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