5 Things to Watch Out for When Buying A Used Car

Previously owned vehicles are always the best options for budget-conscious drivers. However, when you want to buy used cars from Japan, you have to make sure that you are carefully choosing the vehicle that will bring you the best value for your money. After all, it does not take luck to find a good quality, used car. It is worth noting that you have to conduct careful research while using your observation skills.

You have to understand the factors that you should look out for when buying a used car. This will help you avoid costly automotive repairs down the road. In this article, we’ve listed five things you should watch out for when you shop for pre-owned used cars from Japan.

1) The Condition of the Car’s Exterior and Interior

The condition of the car’s interior and exterior plays a large role in its value. So, you have to ensure that the upholstery is still good. You also have to check whether the exterior needs some repairs. This does not mean that you should absolutely avoid a car that has been in a minor fender-bender. However, you would want to ensure that the body has been professionally repaired and the previous damages are almost invisible to the eye. Moreover, if the engine and other parts are rusty, they may be strong indications that you will experience trouble down the road.

2) Dented or Cracked Glass

You also have to check the glass for cracks or dented areas. It is true that you shouldn’t be too concerned about small chips or nicks on the windows. However, you can use these minor details to negotiate a lower price for the vehicle. On the other hand, if there are cracks in the windshield, the problem might become worse over time. In the long run, this issue might cause costly repairs.

3) The Vehicle History Report

It is common for consumers to check the vehicle history report when they buy used cars from Japan automotive exporters. You have to check whether the car had been in an accident, a Tsunami, or whether the odometer had been rolled back. It is also good to know if the vehicle used to be a lease return or a rental unit. A lot of buyers do not prefer rental cars. On the other hand, it is worth noting that people still prefer lease returns over trade-ins.

4) The Vehicle Inspection Report

You also have to ask for the vehicle inspection report. If the exporter fails to provide you with one, you either walk away from the deal or find a way to get a professional to inspect the condition of the vehicle. Insist on seeing the inspection sheet of the car you want to buy. You would not want to spend more on repairing damages that you did not spot early on.

5) The Fuel Consumption

You would be surprised to know that many buyers ask about fuel-efficient vehicles and yet they still end up choosing one that’s not easy on the gas. You shouldn’t ignore the car’s fuel mileage rating when gas prices are so expensive! There are user-friendly websites that will let you learn about the vehicle’s miles-per-gallon consumption.

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