5 Engine Mods That Will Make Your Toyota HiAce Insanely Good

Most Toyota HiAce models come with a diesel engine, and if you want to maximize its performance, there are certain modifications you can perform. It is worth noting that you have to properly tune your van’s diesel engine to enable it to produce the maximum output possible. With that said, we have compiled five engine mods and tuning methods that will help you enhance the performance rate of your Toyota HiAce. Keep reading this article to turn your ordinary van into something that’s insanely good!

1) Upgrading your Diesel Engine

Periodically, you have to upgrade the parts of your HiAce’s diesel engine. This can also be a good way to optimize your vehicle for long travels. You can install cold air intake systems to get higher performance rates. Since you’re ensuring that the air that comes into the engine is cooler than the air in it, you are also increasing your engine’s combustion rate along the process. At a minimum, this modification can improve your engine’s performance rate by around 20 percent. Aside from that, you will also see a significant improvement in the engine’s diesel fuel usage rate.

2) Replacing the Modules

When you replace the performance modules in your Toyota HiAce’s engine, you can expect better torque capacity. In fact, it will improve by around 30 percent. Aside from that, this modification can also increase your vehicle’s horsepower by 150. It is worth noting that you do not have to re-program the circuits when you replace the modules.

3) Improving your Exhaust Systems

One of the best methods to improve your HiAce’s diesel engine is by using good exhaust systems. When you use this technique, you can enjoy several engine benefits, including low noise, smooth acceleration, fuel efficiency, and longer lifespan. Just by choosing the right exhaust pipe, you can reduce the temperature and pressure in the system.

What you’d have to do is fit a mandrel-bent, proper diameter system with a quality catalytic converter and high-flow muffler. Doing so prevents the pressure from bottlenecking, allowing the gasses to flow smoothly out of the tailpipe. Along the process, you are enabling your engine to produce more power. Since your engine is performing better, you can also expect better fuel economy.

4) Using Upgraded Diesel Fuel Injectors

Make sure that you use upgraded diesel fuel injectors in your HiAce’s engine. When you upgrade the injectors, you can expect the engine to produce a higher range of power output. What’s more, you can lower the fuel consumption by almost 20 percent. You will find a suitable performance injector for your specific Toyota HiAce engine model. It is worth mentioning that you can also add more than 150bhp of power with this modification.

5) Inspecting the Engine Periodically

It would significantly help if you conduct periodic checkups of the diesel performance fuel system. In most cases, the fuel system needs proper maintenance and replacement. The engine’s placement has been known to cause problems in the fuel injection delivery systems. If you fit a properly upgraded delivery system with the engine, you can expect higher horsepower and better fuel efficiency for your HiAce. Aside from those, you can also experience other benefits like smooth acceleration and low noise.

So there you have it… 5 engine mods and tuning techniques you can use to make your Toyota HiAce insanely good! If you want to get a used Toyota HiAce and perform these modifications, contact Carused.jp today! Whether you live in Kenya, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or other parts of the world, we can ship a HiAce to your location! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you complete your purchase smoothly and conveniently!

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