Just Bought a Used Car? Don’t Forget These Crucial Maintenance Routines!

Whether you are buying a used car from Japan or you are getting a brand-new vehicle from a local dealership, it is essential that you are aware of proper maintenance routines. There are preventive measures you can take to prolong the life of your vehicle. Moreover, if you want to enjoy a trouble-free performance from your used car, general maintenance is the key to keeping it in good condition.

In this post, we are going to discuss the crucial maintenance routines you should perform when you are buying a used car from Japan. Keep on reading to discover how you can enjoy your vehicle for a long time.

Before anything else…

It is important that you check the owner’s manual to know the manufacturer’s recommended preventive maintenance schedule for your car, minivan, SUV, crossover, or truck. Doing so will give you an idea of when you should bring your vehicle to a service center. That said, you should remember that your used car has probably been on the road for a few thousand miles. So, do not forget to count the years and miles from when you started to drive it—not from when the vehicle first touched the road.

The Essential Preventive Maintenance Routines for Used Cars

Inspecting your spark plugs and replacing them when necessary – Most types of copper spark plugs must be replaced every 30,000 miles. That said, some iridium spark plugs won’t need replacements for as long as 100,000 miles.

  • Aligning, rotating, and balancing your tires – Performing maintenance routines on your tires will ensure that you can make the most out of them. They will last longer, helping you avoid expensive replacements.
  • Changing the engine air filter – You should check your owner’s manual to know how often you should replace your engine air filter. This step is important, especially for used cars since it is possible that the previous owner of the vehicle had not religiously done this.
  • Changing the cabin air filter – You should also replace your cabin air filter as recommended in the manual. Keep in mind that ignoring this maintenance step will directly affect your driving experience. If you want a more comfortable and cleaner ride, you should regularly change your cabin air filter.
  • Replacing the engine and transmission oil – The intervals for oil changes depend on the type of product you use in the engine. If you are using a special-grade oil, then it will take a longer time before you will need to change it. If you’re getting your oil flushed, you should also have the filters replaced during the process. You can easily manage the engine oil change by writing down the date the service was performed along with the odometer reading.
  • Inspect the condition of the battery – You must ensure that the battery is not leaking. There can be mineral buildup in the contacts. So, you need to get rid of the grime to keep the battery in good condition. You can visit a local hardware store or an auto shop and get a brush specifically designed for cleaning the contacts of a car battery.

Like any kind of vehicle purchase, buying a used car from Japan requires commitment and dedication. If you want to keep it on the road for a long time, you need to religiously maintain it. If you do not have the time to care for your car, you should bring it to a service center. Professional technicians should be able to inspect all the components of your vehicle and perform preventive maintenance.

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