How to check and replace the light bulbs

It’s easy to check at night when a light bulb is run out

We need to check the lamps on a daily basis, as described in the inspection items. For example, when you return home at night, you can easily check whether the light bulbs have burned out by paying attention to the light reflection condition at such as the garage wall. It is important to always be careful about whether the headlamps, turn signals, stop lamps, and tail lamps are not blown out.

If the light isn’t switched on, the reason is usually that the light bulb is burned out. If it happens, you just need to replace it with a new bulb. Basically, replace it with the same bulb that was used before.

It is recommended that you read the instruction manual once for a bulb replacement. It is a good idea to read it before replacing it. Because if you remove the tail lens screw with a screwdriver, you can easily replace the tail lamp, etc., so it is probably not a problem even if the owner will do the work.

However, it is difficult to replace headlamps, lamps around the front, and high-mounted stop lamps at the rear, so it is safer to ask a dealer to replace them.

Although there is no difference in bulb replacement, it is necessary to attaching and detaching the lamp body, and the work procedure is quite complicated. If the users will do the replacement work by themselves, there is a risk of causing troubles such as water entering the lamp lens, etc. Especially for headlamps, it is necessary to attach and detach bumpers, so it is almost impossible to work on your own.

On the other hand, remember to refer to the instruction manual for fuses. If a problem occurs, stop the engine. Turn off the ignition switch and then check the fuse. It would be OK to replace it with a spare fuse of the same capacity ampere as a burnt-out light bulb (color-coded). However, in order to find the reason when the light bulb burned out again, it is necessary to ask the dealer to check it properly. By the way, there are four fuse boxes in all, two at the bottom of the glove box and two in the engine room with the passenger seat open.

Tail lamp bulb replacement is relatively easy to maintain. Use a screwdriver to remove the tail lamp unit.

When the lamp unit comes off, rotate the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove it. All you have to do is replace it with a new bulb with the same W number.

There are four fuse boxes in all. Check the instruction manual to find out which circuit it corresponds to. If it burns out frequently, it should be inspected properly.

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