Where is the storage space for spare tires and genuine jacks?

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Please check the procedure just in case, The work must be done in the horizontal place

Spare tires are stored under the floor of the rear part of the truck bed, in other words, they are stored to be hung outside the vehicle body. Although it has nothing to do with everyday life, it is a good idea to learn how to repair it so that you won’t be in a panic when there are flat tire problems. It’s not easy to handle because you don’t need to do it on a daily basis, but just knowing the procedure can be very useful.

As a work procedure for removing spare tires, you need to be aware that you should choose a horizontal road surface as much as possible when you switch off the electricity of a car. Also, in cases where the road surface is uneven, it is important to find a position that will not take up space under the floor.

If there is not enough space when removing the spare tire, it can be quite complicated. It is a rule to do the work before a jackup. First, you need to find a place safe and easy for the work, and then take out the tools. A tool bag is stored on the back (lower) side of the seat surface of the second seat (the storage location differs depending on the grade). Here, a wheel nut wrench is used.

To remove the rubber cap exposed underneath, you need to open the rear gate and peel off the carpet part to the left from the center of the trunk threshold. The bolts appear is holding the spare tire carrier (storage devices). Turning the bolt to the left is quite complicated, but if you continue patiently, the spare tire under the floor will come down with the carrier diagonally.

The front part of the carrier has a hinge structure hooked to the rear end and lifted with the aforementioned bolt. When you look under the floor from below the bumper, you will soon see the spare tire to be removed. When the tread surface appears and the thickness of the tire is exposed, remove the suspension hook while lifting the carrier, and the spare tire will fall down to the ground with the carrier.

If the bolts are loosened too much, the hook will come off and the carrier will fall. In this case, return the hook to its original position and then store the spare tire. Lifting your tires requires muscular strength. If possible, it would be safer to get help.

The in-vehicle jack is stored in the step part of the left sliding door. Tools such as wrench are hanged under the rear seat.

It is OK if you loosen the bolts hanging the spare tire with a wheel wrench. Work carefully, as the tires may fall.

Spare tires appear when the bolts are loosened. Hiace tires are quite heavy and require a lot of power to store.

As mentioned in P106, be careful where you jack it. If you make a mistake, not only will the subordinate part be dented, but the car may also fall.

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