Daily maintenance for Hiace front bonnet

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Easy daily maintenance in the front bonnet

When opening the front bonnet, the hood can be easily unlocked by sitting in the driver’s seat and pulling the opener lever located in front of your right knee and at the lower right of the instrument panel.

It can be opened widely by unlocking the hook that locks the bonnet which is located at the center of the front center hood at the front part of the car. To secure it with the hood open, stand the rod on the right side. The rod needs to be handled carefully, paying attention to the structure of the base. Be careful as it may break if you move it with force. It is also important to find a rod in the designated hole on the back of the bonnet so that it does not suddenly get lost when the wind blows.

Now, there are usually three points that can be easily checked in the bonnet. From the right side, there is a window washer tank, a radiator/reservoir tank, and on the left, there is a brake fluid/reservoir tank directly attached to the brake master.

In each case, a translucent resin tank is adapted, so that an appropriate amount (liquid level position) inside can be easily checked visually from outside. You just have to be careful that it is within the appropriate limits.

Ideally, the washer tank should be filled with a washer-specific liquid, but it is no problem if tap water is used temporarily in times of emergency except during winter. The radiator reservoir contains LLC, but it is also an aqueous solution with water, so if it is a little short in amount, you just need to add water.

However, even if there is a leakage of cooling water, if you add water without repairing it as it is, the concentration of LLC will be accumulated and the original function will be reduced, so you must be careful. It is important to check with a dealer or a maintenance shop whenever a water leak or an extremely low level of cooling water is found.

As for the brake fluid, if the fluid level is confirmed to be above the specified level, it is OK. However, if you found a shortage too late, there is a possibility that air supply or leakage may occur, so replacing the brake fluid alone may be dangerous. Keep in mind that it is necessary to ask a dealer to have it checked correctly.


Check the amount of washer fluid from time to time. In winter, the tank may freeze which damages the tank, so adjust the concentration level as described on the bottle.


Even if there is no leakage, the brake fluid gradually decreases as the pads decreases. If the liquid level drops suddenly, seek professional judgment.


You can also check the amount of gas in the air conditioner here. However, replacement work is indispensable, so have a dealer check it before summer.

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