How to use the towing hook correctly

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Check the position of the hook in case of car trouble on the road!

In general, you’ll rarely have the chance to experience towing a car by yourself. If you get stuck with a breakdown, you’ll usually get the help of JAF or local towaway service. It is necessary to judge whether it is okay to tow or not, so there is no doubt that it is safer to ask professional help.

However, trouble happens anywhere and anytime. It is also important to remember the know-how of towing when you can help each other. First of all, the basic theory of towing uses a towing rope with a length of 5 m or less, and the total length of both vehicles (the car towed by another car) should be within 25 m. You need to put a 30cm square white cloth on the center of the tow rope.

Start the engine if possible. If the engine fails to start, the ignition key turns on ACC. And then, put the change lever in neutral, and release the side brake. The driver of the car to be towed needs to try to put on the brakes early so that the rope will not be loosened. The car on a towing side is required to have gentle acceleration and driving to keep a constant speed.

By the way, if your car is going to be towed first, take out the towing hook stored in the tool bag. There are square decorative lids on both sides of the front part of the front bumper. Open it with a flat-bladed screwdriver. You will open it with the screwdriver through a small gap, but it might get damaged, so it would be better to wrap a tip of a screwdriver with a thin tape or rag (rag cloth).

towing hook 1

towing hook 2

towing hook 3

When the lid is opened, there is a female screw inside, so it is OK to put the towing hook into it. Turn it clockwise by hand, and finally, insert the wheel nut wrench into the hook and tighten it firmly and securely. Hook the towing rope here and use it. Regular ropes may be used, but in that case, it would be better to use a rubber band with tension so that it will not get loose.

On the other hand, when towing, hang a rope on the leaf spring rear portion at rear. It is important to pull as straight as possible to the car body. You need to be careful not to apply excessive force in the side direction. It is also important to check that the aero parts under the bumper will not interfere with the rope.

Make sure that the towing rope is hung without slipping off. Be careful not to break the aero due to the interference of the rope when wearing an aero from outside the company.

When towing another car at the rear side, hang a rope at the rear portion of the leaf spring. Be careful not to apply any lateral force when towing a car.

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