Fuel efficiency is decided by your driving style

Fuel consumption changes surprisingly by paying careful attention

First, it is common to use the full tank method to measure fuel consumption. Park at a horizontal area (gas station) as much as possible and refuel. If possible, use a self-service gas station to look inside the fuel filler opening so that the oil level is always the same when the tank is full. Dividing the distance of the trip meter (of course, returning to zero every time refueling) by the oiling quantity, the consumption per liter (km / L) can be calculated.

The difference between a driver who is conscious about fuel consumption and a driver who is insensible can be as much as 20% even when driving in the same car. So, we need to pay attention to fuel consumption since it can contribute to the environment and economy. Assuming that there is a difference between 8 km and 10 km per liter, 10,000 km of mileage annually results in a difference of as much as 250L in the amount of refueling. When calculated at 125 yen per liter, the saving amount will be over 30,000 yen.

The only way to improve real-world fuel economy is to avoid wasting fuel. In short, when the engine is running, increase the mileage by driving. Conversely, the engine is not started while the vehicle is stopped. Specifically, when the engine is started, the vehicle will take off immediately. On the contrary, if the vehicle stops, the engine will be stopped immediately. The idle-stop can be effective on a case-by-case basis when waiting for a signal or a railroad crossing.

Pay close attention to traffic conditions ahead and release the accelerator as soon as possible if you can anticipate deceleration or stopping. If you apply the engine brakes without stepping on the accelerator when traveling downhill, you can cut off the fuel supply. Accelerators should avoid switching operations as much as possible and try to keep a constant speed and drive gently.

In terms of maintenance, drive as empty a load as possible. If unnecessary luggage is loaded, the weight burden is large, and it consumes a lot of fuel. The tire pressure also needed to be checked frequently. When the pressure is low, the running resistance increases, and the fuel efficiency also deteriorates. Always keep the specified pressure. Or you can set it higher if it is around 5%. It is also good to use a low viscosity solvent of energy-saving engine oil, but you should consult with your dealer about what to use.

Make sure you have the habit of measuring fuel consumption every time you refuel. That way, you should be able to drive economically.

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