Check troubles and cracks around Hiace suspension system

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Check alignment if you feel any trouble with a suspension system

Regarding the maintenance for a suspension system, the owner only needs to care for tires. Tires will be described in detail on the next page but keep the air pressure properly. Also, don’t use old tires and wear tires that can endure the weight capacity of freight vehicles.

At the moment, the only option is to choose LT tires for cargo, but the needs of Hiace owners are not necessarily limited to the use of freight. As the purchaser’s layer is diversifying, we look forward to the emergence of tires that pursue riding comfort and that are compatible with Hiace’s weight capacity.

By the way, there is no need for the user to care for a suspension system other than tires. However, it is a good idea to adjust the alignment after regular inspection, tire rotation, or tire replacement. And another thing is that if you feel the car does not have a good straight-driveability or a big change in steering feel when driving, the alignment may be wrong. It is important not to leave it alone, but to always have a special check at a dealer or a maintenance shop.

If the car turns to one side even though the road is a flat straight track with no slope, suspect an abnormality in a suspension system. If a correction steering control or a counter-steering is needed to keep going straight, it is highly possible that the aliment is out of order.

Also, if the car hit a curbstone, the car may have suffered damage to a suspension system, so make sure to check it out. Another concern about a suspension system is that when modifications are added to lowdown, the burden on each push increases. It is important to note that the effect of aging is unknown.

As described above, the car does not move straight, and when steering the wheels, abnormal noise is heard from the damper. If there is a difference in the steering force during operation and the feeling of operation is not smooth, you need to be careful. If there are cracks in each bush, it may be necessary to replace them, so it is important to have professional checkups a suspension system thoroughly during regular inspections and automobile inspections.


Since adjusting an alignment is not possible on your own, ask a professional. Also, if the car hit a curbstone, a tie rod may bend.


suspension arm

Bushes are widely used as the base of the suspension arm and the bracket of the stabilizer. Since it is a rubber part, have it checked at the time of automobile inspections.


Front vehicle height can be adjusted with the torsion bar screw. If the car is low-down, the burden on a suspension system will increase, so consult a reliable shop.

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