Check and maintenance of a battery

The burden on the battery changes greatly depending on how you drive

Today’s battery performance has improved considerably, so it is regarded to last around 4years. Depending on usage conditions, the battery will last more than 5 years even for people who use a car constantly, which is not uncommon now.

Conversely, the biggest damage to the battery is when you don’t drive so often. Even when the car is stopped, a small amount of electric current flows and the battery is exhausted. If you do not drive, the battery will not be charged, so the battery capacity will be greatly reduced. The range of discharge and charge will be widened, and the lifespan will not be extended. If you don’t use the car for a long time, it’s a good idea to remove the terminal on the negative side of the battery.


The item to check is the fluid level of the battery. The battery is located on the left side of the engine compartment with the passenger seat open. Because it is installed to be dropped into the car body, it is difficult to check the liquid level from the battery side, so open the six caps on the upper surface with a screwdriver or coin and peek from above and check the liquid level.

There is no problem if it is placed between the upper level and the low level, but basically it is better to keep the upper level. If the liquid surface looks round when peeking through the spout directly above, it can be determined that the liquid is insufficient.

Since the structure of the battery is divided into six rooms, it is necessary to secure an appropriate amount of liquid in each room. If it is insufficient, replenish the battery replenisher or distilled water. If the battery has a low decrease in performance, maintenance is only necessary to secure the liquid level.

If the battery has a short lifespan or if the liquid level is reduced until the electrode comes out, you will need to charge the battery, so bring it to a dealer or maintenance shop to check the battery status while you can start the engine. You should get advice on whether it should be replaced or recharged.

If you need to connect a booster cable from another vehicle due to a battery problem, refer to the instruction manual in advance. There are procedures for how to connect and relief.

Check the battery liquid level regularly. When a large amount of electricity is consumed, such as in a car navigation system or high-powered audio, the burden becomes heavy.

If you want to replace the battery yourself, please check the instructions to remove the terminal firmly. Mistakes can cause trouble.

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