How do I check the amount of Hiace LLC(Long Life Coolant)?

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Check the amount regularly – Watch out for concentration level in winter

LLC stands for Long Life Coolant. This is the so-called antifreeze mixed into the engine cooling water. In other words, the cooling water circulating in the radiator, reservoir tank, and engine water jacket is an essential liquid to cool the engine and protect it from overheating.

In addition to avoiding being frozen even in winter, it functions so as to prevent the cooling water circulation path from causing inconveniences such as rust and water deposit. Hiace has an LLC called Super LLC at the time of the new car, which does not need to be replaced for 5 years. You don’t need to take care unless you have any trouble.

However, always keep in mind that the reservoir tank is filled with LLC. If the amount is low, replenish the water. The reservoir tank is located to the right of the center with the bonnet. It is easy to see if you look at it. It’s a good idea to pay attention to whether there are any signs of water leaks under the engine of the car at a parking lot, etc.

Unlike water and oil for air conditioners, leaks of liquid with the color of LLC (genuine red) are easy to find. When you notice an LLC or oil leak, it is important that you have your dealer or maintenance shop checked immediately.

While you are driving, let’s be conscious of how high the water thermometer rises. If there is a change (increased) in the water thermometer even though the car is in the same condition, it is necessary to first suspect troubles related to cooling water and radiators.

In general, LLC can be used at the same concentration level to be used in a situation, for example, going to a ski resort. In the case of a cold-weather specification car that is set as an option, consideration has been given to preventing LLC freezing. There is also a more full-fledged snow country specification, which adds special equipment in snowy areas.

If you are moving to a cold area, or if you are going to use the car for a long time in areas where the minimum temperature is always below the freezing point, consult your dealer.


LLC rubber hoses gradually deteriorate due to heat and aging. There is a risk of explosion if the elasticity is lost, so ask for a check at the time of inspection.


Opening the bonnet, the reservoir tank appears. If you check occasionally between FULL and LOW levels, it will be safer.

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