Hiace ATF & differential oil are often neglected to be checked

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Let’s exchange ATF to keep its high durability

Automobiles always require some kind of lubrication for parts such as engines and transmissions. Everyone knows that oil is the key.

When a car is used, the oil is always contaminated, it is oxidized and aging, and the original performance tends to deteriorate. That is why regular replacement of engine oil is recommended. This is one of the most important maintenances with the consideration of the mechanism.

However, it is no exaggeration to say that general users should be aware of only the engine oil changes. This is because, depending on the part, oil does not need to be changed. For example, even people who run every tens of thousands of kilometers do not need to have any maintenance for several years.

However, it cannot be neglected at all, so we should be aware of that we need to have professionals check whether there is any problem with the lubrication condition of each part, such as enforcing periodic inspections.

For example, ATF. This is an automatic transmission fluid (oil), and the genuine Toyota Auto-Fluid Type T-IV is the designated oil. Its capacity is 7L for a 2L engine. 2.5L diesel and 2.7 engines are 8.3.

The manual transmission is specified by Toyota genuine MG gear oil special II (API GL-3, SAE75W-90). The 2L engine is 2.2L. 2.5L diesel 2WD is 2.6L. The 4WD of the same model requires a capacity of 2.2mm.

Toyota says that these oils are OK without changing oil, but dealers recommend changing oil every 40,000 to 50,000 km with a consideration of the mechanism. In the sense that you can drive a car for a long time with a sense of security, it will be better to replace it because there is no oil that does not get dirty or deteriorate.

Also, when exchanging ATFs over 100,000 km, there is a case where sludge (crud) that had accumulated up to that point may cause damage to the transmission. In that sense, it would be a good idea to replace it once every 50,000 km.

Check the oil level of the differential oil and manual transmission by removing the filler bolt. It is OK if the oil level is up to the bolt hole position.

The amount of ATF is measured with a level gauge. Even the slightest intrusion of garbage can cause trouble, so it is necessary to pay the latest attention when checking.

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