Common Mistakes that Shorten Your Car’s Lifespan

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For some people, it is easy for them to care for their vehicle. They try to avoid common car maintenance mistakes and follow the recommended service routine in their manual. They get their oil changed and their tires rotated on time. On the other end of the spectrum are car owners who are not so mechanically savvy. They do not know how to check the fluids of their vehicle and other essential components.

Well, whether you religiously maintain your car or you do not know a thing about caring for it, there is always a good chance that you are messing something up. Here are some of the common mistakes that reduce the life of your vehicle:

Using Low-Quality Gas

Because of the ever-increasing inflation rates, it is natural for car owners to find ways to save money. However, when you try to penny-pinch and opt for less than top-tier-rated fuel, you might face expensive engine damage along the way. If your engine needs premium grade fuel, you should avoid filling it with a regular grade product. Doing so will create problems with drivability, eventually reducing the lifespan of your vehicle.

Neglecting Regular Cleaning

Many people mistakenly believe that how their car looks should not affect its lifespan. It is worth noting that grime and grit can cause an excess wear on the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Keeping your car clean allows you to assess the condition of your vehicle. Consequently, you will be able to spot early signs of damages and address them accordingly.

Eagerly Stepping on the Gas or the Brakes

When you are a little too excited to step on the brakes and the gas, you are recklessly driving your vehicle. Moreover, you are adding additional yet unnecessary wear to your car. When you remain a calm driver, you are letting your vehicle stay on the road for a longer period and even keep the streets safer.

Avoiding Regular Inspections

To keep your body healthy and prolong your life, you regularly visit your doctor. Well, your car is no different. At least twice a year, you should have a professional mechanic inspect the condition of your vehicle to ensure that everything is running smoothly. If you neglect regular check-ups, you might eventually discover that your car is riddled with issues and damages.

Being Complacent When it Comes to Level-Checking

It is essential to bring your vehicle to a service center for regular car maintenance. However, there are still some things you must do on your own to keep your vehicle in good condition. Every couple of weeks, you must take some time to check the oil levels, tire pressure, and transmission fluids A lot of people tend to neglect this step in car care, causing serious damage on their car along the road.

Ignoring Early Symptoms of Trouble

When you feel or hear a strange rattle in your car, you should pay close attention to it and immediately identify the cause. Catching and addressing small issues early can often keep it from growing into a major problem that can become expensive.

Not Driving Your Car Enough

When you do not give your vehicle the exercise it needs, you are misshaping its tires, killing its battery, and leaving its tank with stale gasoline. If you’re planning to go away for a long time, you should store your car in a suitable, indoor location. Make sure you give it a good wash, then overfill the tires to keep their shape round. Remember to protect it from rodents by placing mothballs soaked in peppermint oil in the cabin, under the hood, and in the boot. Keep the battery alive by hooking it up to a trickle charger.

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