What to do if your Car Shuts Down in the Middle of Driving

Any driver would have their heart pounding when their car starts to malfunction while they’re in the middle of a long drive. If this happens to you, it would only be natural for you to panic and wonder what might be wrong with your vehicle. Whether you own brand new or used Japanese cars, it would help if you understand the reasons why vehicles break down. In this way, you are prepared and you know exactly what to do when your car dies while you’re driving it.

Why your car shuts down while you’re driving

  1. You’re out of fuel.
    Being out of fuel can happen even to the best of us. You might have carefully calculated the amount of fuel you will consume for your travel. However, you still run out sooner than you expected. If this frequently happens to you, it is best that you go to a professional and ask them to inspect your fuel gauge. It is possible that it has been giving you a false reading.
  2. There are problems with the alternator.
    When there are issues with the alternator, your car will start running on battery power. It is worth noting that the battery’s load is limited and it could only run for so long until it has been completely drained.
  3. The ignition switch is malfunctioning.
    When the ignition switch starts to wear out, the engine might unnecessarily lose power due to vibrations on rough areas on the road. As such, your car’s engine might suddenly die while you’re driving.
  4. There’s something wrong with the fuel pump.
    If something is clogging a filter or fuel pump in your car, your vehicle might die in the middle of a long drive.
  5. Your vehicle’s sensors are malfunctioning.
    It is possible that the sensors of your car’s computers may be transmitting incorrect information.

What to do when your car dies in the middle of driving

It is essential to think about your safety and other drivers on the road. Aside from knowing how to optimize your engine for long travels, you should also know what do if your car dies while you’re driving it. With that said, here are some tips that will help you become prepared:

  1. Let the car roll towards the side of the road.
    It is important to stay focused and avoid panicking. Despite losing control over the brakes and power steering, it is still possible for you to pull over and get it to stop safely. It would just be difficult to do so. If you find it hard to slow down, let the car roll to a safe area and use the emergency brake. Try parking out of other drivers’ way. This will give you some room if you are unable to restart your car right away.
  2. Try restarting the car.
    You’re in luck if you’re able to restart your car. However, this does not mean that you are spared from other issues. A car dying in the middle of the road is an indication of underlying problems that must be addressed immediately.
  3. Switch on your emergency flashers.
    Safety is your topmost priority in this situation. If you can’t restart your car, you should let other drivers know that you’re having issues. Turning on your emergency flashers will also give you and your vehicle some space.
  4. Call for assistance.
    If you do not have the tools, skills, and experience to diagnose and repair problems in your vehicle, it is best to call for help. Contact a professional to tow your vehicle to a repair shop. This sort of issue is something that should be addressed as soon as possible.

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