【Method to change a battery for smart keys】Have you been in a situation when you panicked because the batteries were dead?

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Method to change a battery for smart keys for Toyota Alphard, Vellfire, and Hiace van!


First of all, if the engine does not start on cars such as Alphard, VELLFIRE, and Hiace van that use smart keys! Don’t get panicked to think that you cannot drive!!

Please calm down.

In most cases, the reason is the battery exhaustion.

The door won’t open!! The engine doesn’t start!

In case of such an emergency, we would like to introduce what to do if the battery runs out, so please go through.

①First, if you don’t have time to buy batteries! Introducing the measures to be

taken in such an emergency!

Since the key is inserted in the main unit the smart key, it can be opened and closed with the key.

Press the release button and take out the stored mechanical key.

Insert the removed mechanical key into the keyhole in the driver’s seat and turn it to release it.

It is also possible to start the engine by bringing the bush button and smart key close together when starting the engine.

② Next, we will introduce the battery replacement!

The battery level is low, and the lights and LCD around the speedometer will send a signal.

There are various display methods, but when a message such as “the battery of a key is low” starts to appear, it indicates that the battery is dead.

Now, we will introduce the battery replacement method.

1.To prepare a battery

Prepare a battery of the same type, such as CR2032.

For example, having spares in your car would be a good idea to feel secured. It’s quite safe!


① Remove the mechanical key

Since there is a small gap of several millimeters on the side of the key main body or the place where it was taken out, insert it with the tip of the mechanical key and twist it.

If the tip of the mechanical key does not go inside, you can easily open it by using a straight slot screwdriver or other sharp objects.

②Open the cover

A battery has a rubber lid either on the back of the board or on top of the battery.

You can easily remove it by pulling.

③Remove a button battery

You can easily remove it by inserting a straight slot screwdriver into the gap of the battery.

④ Put button batteries of the same model

Pay attention to the direction and replace the new battery with the positive side facing up.

⑤Put the battery back in place

Be careful of the positions of the buttons on the board and the buttons on the cover and close them.

What do you think?

It’s a very simple and easy task. Battery life-span, for example, Hiace is said to be 1-2 years.

The following are often cited as reasons for shortening the life-span. “The area where the key is placed is bad” It is said that places with a lot of radio waves shorten the life-span.

Specifically, you need to be careful near the TV or microwave oven. Immediately change the place to put. Also, since the smart key corresponds with the car using radio waves, even if you are away from the car, if the same radio wave is around, the smart key tries to check if it is a car.

The smart key will continue to emit radio waves for the verification process until the end of life-span. Even if you are not using the key. This is one of the causes for the battery to be exhausted quickly.

We hope this helps you to refer when using smart keys wisely.

It can be used as a key even when the battery is exhausted, but you might feel it is very troublesome if you are accustomed to just pushing once. If you have a warning before the battery runs out, give it a try.

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