Troubleshooting Car Noises: Common Car noises and it’s possible issues

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Here at, we make sure that we thoroughly inspect all our used cars before we offer them for sale. We either make sure that there are no issues or if any exists, we’d properly document them. On the other hand, if you opted for other suppliers of Japanese used cars, you cannot be sure that they’d do the same. After a few hundreds or thousands of miles, you might end up with a car that’s making annoying noises.

In this article, we listed down some of the common noises that low-quality used cars may have. Keep reading to learn when you should get your vehicle serviced.

1. Grinding, Growling or Squealing Sounds from the Brakes

If you hear grinding or growling sounds from your brakes, you should immediately have it checked by a trusted mechanic. These noises could be an indication that the pads are so worn out that they are already touching metal. This can be a serious issue that can affect your braking efficiency and put your safety at risk.
On the other hand, if you hear a squealing sound whenever you step on the brakes, this may only be a minor issue. This noise can be an indicator that you need to replace your brake pads or shoes.

2. High-Pitched Noise from Accelerating

When you warm up your car and accelerate, you might notice a loud, high-pitched squeal. This could be an indicator of a worn or loose fan belt. When your fan belts wear out, you typically need to replace your timing belts as well. It would be more cost-effective to have both of them replaced at once than on separate occasions.

3. Clicking, Popping or Finger-Snapping Sounds from Turning

Low-quality Japanese used cars with front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive may produce clicking sounds when the driver turns or corners. If you experience this and the popping sounds stop when you steer straight, it may mean that you need to replace the constant velocity joints on the front axle.

4. Hissing Sounds When Idle

If you hear hissing noises while you’re idle, this may indicate that one of your hoses has come loose or has been cracked. If you also notice steam from under the hood or if the engine’s heat unusually rises at a faster rate, you should bring your vehicle to a trusted car service center.

5. Thudding Sounds from the Tires

It is unusual to hear thudding noises from your tires, especially when you are driving on smooth roads. If this is the case, then it could mean that you have low and uneven air pressure in your tires. In other cases, this could also mean that your wheels are not aligned. Keep in mind that if you do not address this issue, it can hinder fuel efficiency and even shorten the lifespan of your tires.

6. Whining Sounds from the Front

If you hear a steady whining noise from the front of your car, this may mean that you’re running low on power steering fluid. You can bring your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop and they should be able to replenish all the necessary fluids of your car.

Some car noises may indicate minor issues which can easily be repaired. On the other hand, just to be safe, it would be advisable to regularly bring your vehicle to a service center for maintenance. After all, some used cars may come with certain complications you’re not aware of. To be certain of the quality of your vehicle, turn to Carpaydiem, a trusted exporter of Japanese used cars.

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