4 Essential Car Maintenance and Care Tips for Spring

Winters can be harsh and disruptive to the overall condition of your vehicle. Be it snow, salt, or mud, the elements of this season can leave your car messy, and even worse, damaged and requiring tremendous car repair services. Needless to say, it is important to maintain and clean your car come spring season. As such, we’ve collected a list of tasks you should do in order to ensure that your vehicle will look and operate in good condition as you drive into the warmer months!

1) Give the Car Body a Thorough Clean

Spring Car Maintenance Step 1 Car Wash

You can easily drive your vehicle through an automatic car wash, but this does not mean that critical places where mud and salt can collect will be cleaned. So, it would be ideal to give your car a thorough wash yourself. Make sure that you select a cleaning material that’s specially formulated for use on vehicles. Some of the products you should avoid include:
Dish soap – it has ingredients that may remove the protective wax on your car.
Acidic, petroleum-based, or abrasive cleaning agents – these can damage the metal and plastic parts.
Pressure washer – This can remove decals and paint.

2) Don’t Forget Interior Cleaning

Spring Car Maintenance Step 2 Interior

It is worth noting that a significant amount of salt and mud can also find its way into your car. You would be surprised to know that the mats in your vehicle can absorb filth and salt, accelerating the rusting process. So, it is extremely important to thoroughly clean your vehicle’s interior.

Make sure you thoroughly scrub the inside of your car, getting rid of gunk that has built up over the winter. Doing so also lets you remove bacteria or bugs that you’ve brought into your car from your clothes and shoes. Look for an automotive cleaning product that can also kill germs. The great thing about cleaning out your car’s interior s that it makes your vehicle look better and makes it last longer.

3) Check your Oil and Other Fluids

Spring Car Maintenance Step 3 Oil Check

It is important to perform an oil change and oil filter replacement at the recommended intervals laid out in your car manual. This will keep your engine running smoothly. Keep in mind that if you neglect replacing your engine oil, it can result in higher fuel consumption, poor engine performance, and even severe damages.

While changing your oil and oil filter, you should also take this opportunity to check the condition of your fluids, including your brake, power steering, and transmission fluids. You should also check your coolant and windshield washer fluid. If you see that their levels are low, top them up. You can also consult your car manual to know if it is time to replace these fluids.

4) Check your Belts and Hoses

Spring Car Maintenance Step 4 Hose and Belt

Another key thing to remember is that the cold temperatures of winter can harden or even damage the rubber. So, it is essential to check your belts and hoses for damages. Make sure that your hoses are free from leaking, softening, hardening, cracking, blistering, or other damages. You should also check your belts for cracks, looseness, glazing, or frays. If you need to replace one of your belts, make sure you also replace the tensioner and pulleys to prevent the new belt from slipping.

If you do not have the time to do all of these car maintenance tips, you can also go to an auto shop and ask them to perform an oil change service or other maintenance services. What’s important is you make sure that your vehicle is still in good condition after the winter season.

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