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1. Before you bid

You must have a Account before you can bid on the Auction. A deposit is required before can start bidding on your preferred vehicle. Depending on the amount of the deposit received, the customer is given a price limit for the purchase of vehicles made on, as follows:

Deposit Bid Amount
USD $1,000 total vehicle(s) price up to $10,000
USD $2,000 total vehicle(s) price up to $20,000
USD $3,000 total vehicle(s) price up to $30,000
USD $4,000 total vehicle(s) price up to $40,000
USD $5,000 total vehicle(s) price up to $50,000

The deposit is 100% Refundable and can also be applied as payment of vehicle(s) purchased either through auction or stocks.

Requests for a full cash refund will be honored within one year from the time the deposit was confirmed and received by After the customer account has been inactive for over one year, any deposit must be applied to a purchase from the Auction or from stock. If no bid requests are submitted, and/or no transactions completed within one year from the payment of the deposit, the account is considered inactive due to lack of transaction activity, an administration fee of 50% of the refund amount will be levied each year the account remains inactive.

Confirmation of the deposit made by the customer will be done by the Sales team, you can contact our sales team if you have already placed a deposit for faster verification.

Sales Team Contact information is as follows:

2. Placing bids on Auction

Every customer is entitled to place a bid on any number of vehicles as long as it is within the allowed limit, based on the customer's deposit amount. staff will confirm all bids by email or phone within 24-48 hours after the request to bid has been placed.

3. The Auction

At the auction, all vehicles are Professionally Inspected and are compared and double checked with inspection notes.

Trucks from the auction are additionally inspected by Professional Truck Inspection Specialist.

Upon Agreeing on the terms, will start bidding on the customer's vehicle based on the specifications and budget provided.

Bids are increased in the increments of $10, $50, and $100, Please note that the auction system calculates for either FOB or C&F/CIF Basis, which saves the customer the trouble to compute themselves.

4. After the auction

For successful bids, The Customer will be notified with the bid results and will be sent an invoice indicating the price in either FOB or CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) fees to meet your market setting. Each notice includes the auction photos and a Translated version of the auction sheet associated with the auction.

All Shipments are on a RORO Basis by default, Customers/Dealers may choose to ship by Container shipment basis, this is based on the availability on the Customer's Country/Port

Customers will be notified within 24-48 hours of any change (increase or decrease) in the total FOB or CIF price.

The vehicle is then transported and processed through another inspection in Japan to confirm its mechanical and physical condition. If there are serious discrepancies, or defects the vehicle(s) will then be returned to the auction with no charge to the Customer (as long as the return is allowed under the rules and bylaws of the auction).

Photographs of the vehicle(s) are re-taken to ensure quality and the information are available to the Customer for Re-Checking.

For unsuccessful bids, Customers will also be notified on unsuccessful bids with possible some suggestions of similar models that are available for future auctions.

5. Payment

Payment of one hundred percent (100%) of the FOB or C&F/CIF price for each successful bid is required within 24-48 hours upon the confirmation of the Shipping port. interest, and penalty will apply for late payment or non-payment.

Please note that once a bid is won, the amount of the invoice issued must be paid in full and the deposit amount cannot be included for the settlement.
The Security deposit will be refunded after the payment is received.

Payments shall be made to any of the following bank accounts of Carpaydiem Co.,Ltd :

Bank Name: The Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd.
Bank Address: 5-1-5 Hakusan Asao-ku Kawasaki Kanagawa, Japan 215-0014
Account Number: JPY: 0038078
Swift Code: BOTKJPJT

6. Shipment

After has confirmed the required payments and shipping line availability, the vehicle(s) is scheduled for shipment at the earliest possible date.

The Customer will bear the risk of all changes in logistics or increases in delivery costs.

7. Claims

Prior to purchase at the Auction, - Carpaydiem being a Japanese Company, aims to provide and ensure that we only provide products and services that would pass our standards. This means that we make sure all vehicle(s) we buy and sell from the auction are mechanically sounds and is in good running condition, however can only offer the same claim terms as that of the auction.

No Claims are accepted for the ff:

  • Vehicles that are over 15 years from the date of manufacture or first registration;
  • Vehicles that have travelled more than 100,000 kilometers;
  • Vehicles that have chassis, engine or exhaust modification;
  • Vehicle(s) that have a documented accident history (condition grade = 0 or A or similar), are purchased at the buyer's or customer's own risk and cannot be subject to any claim.
  • Further, no claims for ABS, SRS, or other electronic faults for vehicles purchased at an auction price of less than 200,000 JPY are accepted.

8. Edits

Edits and modification of the bid request such as changing of the price/budget, change of shipping port and country and inspection/insurance options are only accepted if the vehicle has more than 2 hours remaining before the actual auction schedule.

Edits and Modifications done after the 2 hour-mark will be deemed invalid and will not be accepted.

9. Cancellations Auction vehicles are different and not part of the stock. Which means vehicles at the Auction is purchased upon the customer's request. Cancellations of bid requests can be applied with not less than 2 hours remaining on the auction schedule.

Upon cancellation, we reserve the right to re-sell cancelled units at our re-sale price without the customer’s approval.

Cancellations done after the vehicle has been purchased or has less than 2 hours before the auction starts are subjected to Auction Cancellation Penalty (Please refer below).

10. Penalties

10.1 Late Payment Penalty reserved the right to impose a penalty for late payments. Vehicles that are not paid within the specified timeframe are subjected to a penalty fee of $50 or 3% of the vehicle price, whichever is higher. also reserves the right to it's discretion to return the vehicle to the auction and impose a compensation fee of $1,500 or 15% of the total vehicle price, whichever is higher.

10.2 Penalty for Breaking a Contract

In the event that the customer breaks a contract, reserves the right to pursue legal actions and/or impose a $1500 or 15% of the total vehicle price, whichever is higher.

Acts such as the following but not limited to, will result to a breach of contract:

  • Failing to pay for the purchased vehicle within 5 Working days.
  • Changing terms, shipment port/country after the purchase.
  • Fake account for fake buying-bidding.
  • Cancellation of the purchase after the deal has been concluded.

10.3 Penalty for Auction Cancellation reserves the right to impose a penalty on cancellations done after the vehicle has been purchased or 2 hours before the auction start time as subjected to a penalty fee of $1,500 or 15% of the total amount, whichever is higher.

11. Guarantees guarantees the quality of the vehicle purchased from our stocks.

However we do not guarantee the vehicles condition from the auction as it was already inspected by a professional inspector. does not insure and are not liable for the vehicles in cases of Force Majeure or acts of nature such as but not limited to, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons, and any other natural calamities.

12. Account Cancellation has the right to cancel memberships of any customer that has violated the website's rules, regulations and terms of use.

For cancelled accounts with deposits, will refund the deposit to the customer but reserves the right to impose a penalty fee depending on what rules has been violated.