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The Bid Request Flow

in just 4 easy steps!

Japanese Used Car Auction - Bid Request Flow Steps
Step 1 - Find and Negotiate

Step 1: Find and Negotiate

Login or Register

Login or Register

Login / Register anywhere from our website.

Login or Register anywhere from the website After Logging in or registering, Auction tool can be accessed from your profile page or the login screen. Login/Register
Search for a car

Search for your car

Search for your desired car - Click "Basic Search" and fill in the required fields (Usually, Maker and Model would be enough) Then, click "Search". Click on the car of your choice.

Start Auction Tool
Bid on your car

Bid on your preferred car

Click the car you are interested, and in Bidding field, choose "CIF" as Price Type. fill in Bid Amount in JPY or USD. Then click Send Bid.

Start Auction Tool

Our staff will contact you shortly

Click the car you are interested, and in Bidding field, choose "CIF" as Price Type. fill in Bid Amount. Then click Send Bid.

Step 2 - Bidding

Step 2: Bid on your preferred car



First, you are required to pay $1000 deposit to delegate us to bid ($1000 deposit will be refunded regardless of the bidding result)

We'll Bid for you

We'll Bid for you!

We'll bid for you! As soon as the bidding is finished, we will notify you of the result at the soonest possible time.

Step 3 - Payment for Successful bid

Step 3: Payment for successful bid


Payment within 48 Hours

After the successful bid, we will provide you an invoice for it

Make sure to complete the payment WITHIN 48 HOURS after the invoice issued payment method

Step 4 - Shipment of Vehicle

Step 4: Shipment of your vehicle



As soon as the payment confirmed, your cars will be loaded to a ship which will take 2-3 weeks. We will take care all the procesures required in Japan. After those procesures completed, we will notify the estimated departure and arrival date of the ship.

NOTE: Departure and arrival date may vary due to the shipping conditions.


Sending of Documents

On the time your cars are shipped, Bill of Lading (B/L) will be issued by the shipping company. We will send it to your address with Custom Invoice and document of Registration of Cancellation attached.

BE CAREFUL: B/L is required to pick your cars at the discharge port, and Custom Invoice and document of Registration of Cancellation might be required to proceed with the authority of your country.

Veihcle Pickup


Pick up your cars at the discharge port and start your new car life! DO NOT forget to bring B/L and other required documents with you.

Note that we DO NOT provide any sevices to move your cars from the discharge port to anywhere.


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